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FMLS Week 1, Challenge 3 - Fit chart

My fit chart is a little different, as it’s actually the habit tracker page in my bullet journal. 

Bullets indicate habits specifically for FMLS90. Black squares indicate an incomplete.

So, let’s break it down:

1. Wake up at 0800 - for a while there, I was getting up around 1000 which is way too late for me because I was getting nothing done during the day.

2. Make bed - making the bed makes my head space infinitely better. I never used to do it, but it always makes me feel a little more productive and adult-like when I do. :p

3. Wash face 2x daily - I usually wash my face once a day, in the shower, but I’d like to make a habit of washing at night as well, just to get the day’s grit and grime off my face.

4. Brush teeth 2x daily - I’m usually pretty good about this, but I sometimes fall asleep before brushing at night and I’d really like to stop that before it becomes an actual habit.

5. Floss after each meal - because, let’s be honest, the last time any of us flossed was probably when the dentist did it.

6. Take meds/vitamin - I forget to do this more often than I would like.

7. 22 Minute Hard Corps - this is the workout program I’ve started and will be doing for the next 60 days. I’ve never completed a workout program before, so this is a goal.

8. Walk 1 mile or more - I’ve stopped measuring in steps because when I was aiming for 10k steps a day, my feet would hurt for days. I’m just not quite there yet and that’s ok. So, instead, I’m tracking by distance, however short it may be. 2 miles equals nearly 6k steps for me, and the husband and I usually walk 2 miles or more, so I’m almost there at least. :)

9. Drink 100+ oz water - I forget to drink water a lot of the time and I’m trying to change that.

10. No junk food - Junk food, to me, is anything over-processed and/or generally unhealthy, to include eating out instead of cooking at home. I allow myself no more than 1 day a week of this.

11. Track diet/exercise - I am just way more successful when I track. Seeing exactly what I’m eating and doing helps me stay on track.

12. Clean 1 room daily - again, this just helps my head space. I feel way more positive when my house is clean. My husband is a slob, so I figure if I clean 1 room every day, I’ll manage to keep it all clean without overwhelming myself.

13. Read 1 hr or more - I love to read, but I don’t always make time for it. In fact, up until last year, I never read despite really enjoying it. Last year, I resolved to read more, and I did - 120 books, to be exact! This year, I knew I would have even less time to read, so I didn’t set my sights as high. Having this in my bullet journal ensures that I make an effort to read a little bit every day.

14. Study 1 hr or more - come on, now, studying is the worst. There are 23968794286 things I’d rather be doing than studying. So, into the habit tracker it goes.

15. Snail mail - I have been behind on my snail mail for months now. I got overwhelmed with my studies, and dog sitting, and the letters just went on the back burner. I’m still trying to catch up, but I sometimes go days without writing a single letter, and that’s not helping me at all. Especially when I’m constantly getting mail and replies from letters I’ve already sent. To consider this a complete, I must write 1 letter or more.

16. FMLS90 post - this is in my habit tracker to keep me on track for the whole 90 days. I’d like to be able to say that I completed the task for every single day.

17. Bed by 2200 - this is 10 pm, for those who are unfamiliar with 24-hr time. I never know how long it’s going to take me to fall asleep, so I go to bed at 2200, read til 2300, and then put everything away and really make an effort to sleep. This allows me the recommended 8-9 hours of sleep.

18. No soda - I have gone more than a year without soda in the past. After we moved to NY, I fell off that wagon. This is me getting back into the habit of not having it anymore.

19. Stretch/yoga - my body feels a lot less sore when I make an effort to include this somewhere in my day. Even still, I don’t always remember to do it, so it now has a place in my habit tracker.

20. Check blood pressure - my doctor says my blood pressure is good, but this is after it was high for a really long time. While I no longer have to monitor it every single day, I still check it 3-4 times a week.

21. Check blood sugar - I’m diabetic. Again, my doctor says my numbers have improved greatly, but she would still like me to check every other day.

22. No phone after 2230 - this ensures that I fall asleep by the time I have set for myself, instead of staying up on my phone until the wee hours of the morning. :p

23. Moisturize - I always forget to lotion up after my shower, and being diabetic, I have to take extra care with my skin. Moisturizing is very important, so I’m hoping this will help me stay on top of it.

And this is all for now, though I may add more things later as I realize I need to work on them. :)

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