My Favorite Klaroline Scenes- 1/??

3x14 Dance

“You look ravishing in this dress.”
“I didn’t really have time to shop.”
“The bracelet I gave you. What’s your excuse for that?”


My Favorite Klaroline Scenes - 2/??

3x14 horse scene 

“You’re beautiful, you’re strong, you’re full of light.”


Klaroline Most underrated moment in 5x11

↳ To me, of course. First, look at this cutie. Who could resist her? The smile Klaus gave Caroline after this so-typically-Caroline-facial-expression, was one of those he gives solely to her. It’s both an amusing and sad moment, because you can see in it that he missed this, that he missed her, but at the same time that he’s also aware he’s about to have to let it all go, perhaps for good this time around. Still, I think this nostalgic smile makes for a beautiful, true Klaroline moment, because you can see how much he still loves her after everything.