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Medazine is a Zine celebrating Medabots. Medabots is a series about customizable robots introduced on the original Game Boy in 1997 following the creature collection craze popularized by Pokemon. The goal of the game was to strategically customize your robot and battle others for the ability to have a chance to win parts. Each game, excluding the Gamecube game, had 2 different versions. It’s still popular to this day in Japan, with the latest games Medarot 8: Kabuto Version and Medarot 8: Kuwagata Version releasing on the 3DS.

Medabots came to the West through FOX Kids in 2001 along with 2 GBA games and a Gamecube game later on. The show was very popular, becoming the highest rated series at the time for the channel, and would find all 3 seasons dubbed, but the games were not advertised very well and subsequent games have not released in the US.

With so many different Medabots and Medaparts, there’s no end to how many submissions you can make! The possibilities are almost limitless!

The Medazine Kabuto will be both a Printed & Digital Zine. The Blog portion will reblog submissions as well as fanart!

In order to be submitted into the Zine, please follow these rules. We may still reblog submissions, however, regardless if they fit the Zine’s criteria or not!

The  KBT Medazine will have a theme of Vibrant Color. You may use washed out color, but a splash of bright color will be necessary for your work to be submitted into KBT. If you wish to do your work in complete greyscale, washed out, muted, or pastel colors we have an exciting announcement at the end of this post!

Medazine will now feature KBT and KWG in one zine. We will accept any work, Any style, any way! 

The book will be a double cover! One side will feature Metabee and other KBT style medabots, while the other will feature Rokushou and other KWG style Medabots.

– We will be accepting:
    A4, 21 x 29.7 CM (8.5 x 11)
   300 DPI
   .PNG, .TIFF, .PSD, & .LIP Files

   Your Work may be Vertical or Horizontal.
   Your Work may be a Digital or Traditional Illustration.
   Your Work may be a Custom Figurine or 3D scene that you have made            Mostly from scratch.
   Your Work may be a Vertical 4-Koma Color Comic (Vertical Only!). 

– Use your own style! You can draw as cartoony or as mechanically complex as you want. You can add a ton of detail or as little as possible!

As of right now all submissions will be accepted until January 20th, 2016.


Please Submit:
Your Name
Website URL
Along with your files 

medabotszine [AT] gmail [DOT] com

We will only accept one entry for the zine, so please be clear about which one you’d like us to use! We will still feature any work submitted on our blog

[[This section is not applicable any more for the time being]]

A short time after the end of the KBT version, we will be starting submissions for the

Kuwagata Version!

This version of the Zine will have

the theme of muted / pastel / greyscale colors


If you submit something that fits this guideline during the KBT run, we will still consider it for use in the KWG run

, so don’t worry!

All KWG eligible entries will be featured with that Tag for easy archival so you won’t need to submit twice!