This would not be a post on this kind of subject. We would only talk about how beautiful and touching this performance was. How much Nayeon was happy beside her mother and how proud her mother was of that moment.

But we decided to use this post as a scrapbook, for all fandoms and kpop fans about Hate.

In a long time we did not have as much hate on kpop social media, as it has been happening lately and almost always in the same media: Pann and Nate.
Nayeon since the explosion that was “Cheer Up”, has been one of the Twice members who have been receiving this kind of unnecessary and destructive hate. Inventions about her attitudes:
- use edited images to make her look like a bad person;
- Use gifs edited to make her appear that she commits bullying with other members (remember how this lying situation harmed T-ara, right?)
- Speaking of attitudes in TV programs, also with use of edited images.
This has been growing in forums such as Pann (we have already talked about how Pann is a forum full of anti-fans, haters and fangirls of boy bands who can not accept anyone else making success beyond their oppas and how much nobody in Korea give a fuck, But it is always dangerous, as Korean media love to frequent such places to create “false scandals”).
These things were quite frequent, but since they only stayed and died in those places, we left there, like all fandom, after all, it is not turning media and damaging the image of Twice, so you have nothing to worry about and give more court hearing.
But with a story about this beautiful performance of Nayeon with her Mother, came nasty comments totally nonsense in the Nate (another vehicle that is full of anti-fans, haters and girls who respect no one but only their oppas), only Were attacks completely without concept, attacks her mother present, attacks on her mother, attacks on her and attacks on performance (things so absurd as to question why take her mother were that, when it is known that was a special stage that she should Take her mother - ㅋㅋㅋ ).
What we ask is: Avoid this. Make Kpop a better place, you do not have to like Twice, but you do not have to throw anger and hatred on them to make things up to hurt their image or affect their famlies. Stop with hate comments on all fandoms, stop. Enjoy the Hallyu wave and protect the idols from these sad and sickly attacks.
Now, stick with the video of this beautiful performance and see how sick and sad are the people who can hate it.

161229 [Fancam] TWICE Nayeon - Missing Only You (With Mom) @ KBS Gayo Daejun 2016.