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even though I know we probably won’t get it, I’d love a biology clip with Sana and Isak. And Sana is just- so exhausted. She has no makeup on because she has no walls left to put up- they’ve all been destroyed. And Isak of course, has heard about the drama because apparently one interaction with Sara in a year was enoug to have her texting him updates on her life again?? Weird. but. So he knows she’s hurting. And for the first few seconds after Sana sits down and puts her head down, Isak lets her. But when it goes on, he just. “You know… they don’t deserve you.” Sana rolls over to open a singular red rimmed eye, and Isak continues, “I didn’t think that Eva and Noora and Chris were apart of the fake fake girls. But they are. And they don’t deserve you. I just find it funny especially with Eva. Who was so devastated that Jonas wouldn’t listen to her is being a… well you know.” Sana can’t muster up the strength to smile, so Isak clears his throat, “Um so Even works at KB a couple blocks from here. This is going to sound really weird, but maybe you want to go talk to him?” Sana shrugs listlessly and Isak’s hackles rise, “You still have people, Sana. You have me. And Even. and your family. We’re here. even if the girls aren’t right now.”

Ji Hansol auditioned for The Unit!

Hansol is a former trainee at SM Entertainment. Recently he left the company and signed a contract with  J FLO Entertainment. Hansol is a rapper.