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Which performance are jin rm and hobi watching in the bts bomb posted today? ~

Jin, Namjoon and Hobi are watching Jimin & Taemin’s special stage at the 2016 KBS Gayo Daechukje. ^^ Found here: (x). In the second half of the video (when Tae is in the background), they’re reacting to the ‘97 Liner Special Stage that Jungkook was a part of, found here: (x). :)
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Miraculous Korea on Twitter
“2016 KBS 성우 연기대상 캐릭터쇼에 아주 잠깐이지만 남도형 성우님의 블랙캣이 등장하여 갖고왔습니다. 자세한 것은 링크를 참고해주시길 바랍니다. (9:24 ~ 13:33) 풀영상 : https://t.co/51OSPlmaxK https://t.co/hyzYnXQYCn”

Check out the Miraculous Korea fantwitter to see Chat Noir make an appearance on the KBS voice actor awards ceremony!

Here’s a transcript translation by @badlittleurl​:

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But… this umbrella doesn’t belong to me. I just borrowed it from the lobby desk. They only let employees borrow it. If you open the umbrella, there’s KBS written on it. Since it belongs to the company, they’ll take it out of my paycheck if I don’t return the umbrella. Please make sure you return it to the lobby.

Everyone is Dead

Context: So we started off this guy’s campaign with a Halfling Rogue(Me), a Kobold Bard, a Warforged boxer, and an Elven Ranger. Through some shenanigans, everyone but the Kobold had died. Luckily someone else joined in halfway that the questgiver had met. Eventually we made it to the plot area and the Village Chieftain was asking questions. And the new guy couldnt make it until afterwards so this was fun:

VC: “So why have you come here?”
KB: “I…don’t know…”
VC: “Well you must have had someone take you here. Where are they?”

The Kobold had proceeded to cry his eyes out from the pure sadness.