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When Kyuhyun finds a pretty girl?

130526 Mammamia :

Kyuhyun was asked what would he do when he found a pretty girl among the fans who were watching his performance. Unlike the other male guests who would look at the girl right away, he said that he tended to not look at all to the girl. He did this because he’s afraid that the girl would know that he liked her. So, he’d always avoid looking at her direction.

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anonymous asked:

How are knetizens seeing kyuhyun on mamma mia? Does he have a postive response?

Mammamia itself is not really a popular show. Having to share time slot with MBC ‘Dad! Where Are You Going?’ and SBS ‘Barefoot Friends’ makes it hard for them to attract more viewers. So, his appearance in Mammamia does not really receive a lot of responses, though it doesn’t necessarily mean Kyuhyun is that irrelevant in public. It’s just that because not many people watch Mammamia. However, Kyuhyun in general tends to receive a lot of positive responses from public. I say it’s 98% positive, 2% negative. The negative responses just come from SJ haters so it does not necessarily mean he does not do well.