kbs entertainment awards 2013


Kim Jong Kook stands up, claps, hugs, and approaches his best friend Cha Tae Hyun on stage when Cha Tae Hyun won Top Male Excellence for Variety Award for 2 Days & 1 Night (1N2D) season 3 in the 2013 KBS Entertainment Awards.

Different and rival shows on Sundays, but still the best of friends. If Jang Hyuk was here, it would be a complete set for the three of them!

[2013.12.21] Kim Jong Kook @ KBS Entertainment Awards 2013

Jong Kook oppa updates his Instagram

jkent_fam: 최고엔터테이너상 수상 축하축하^^ 

(Best Entertainer Award Congrats congrats! ^^)

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Congratulation Jong Kook nim for winning “The Best Entertainer Award” for Informative Program Category (Escape Crisis No 1) at KBS Entertainment Awards 2013!! ^^

January 15 - Max Changmin wins Asia Model Award (On behalf of TVXQ)

March 8 - Max wins Newcomer Award Japan Academy Awards

December 21 - Max wins KBS Entertainer Award (Variety)

2013 has been a good year for our Max Changmin! His hard work and countless hours of flying back and forth from Korea to Japan have really paid off for him. He practiced his sport(s) during concert rehearsals, back stage and in his dorm in Japan, always working.

Yunho has been a great example and inspiration as well as a support for his dongseng when it comes to hard work and tireless dedication without complaint, no one does more than Yunho! TVXQ continue to make us proud. We just can’t thank them enough for everything they do. Ten years have been so full of greatness, growth, passion and delivery! They have never failed us. Continue to support them! WE ARE T!