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161231 ✧ 2016 kbs drama awards
bogum accepting his ‘top excellence award’ for his role in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds (warning: grab some tissues)

(from 0:36)
Firstly I would like to give all the honor to God who is always with me.
Honestly, it was (already) an honor for me just to be nominated (for the award), so i would like to say a sincere thank you to the viewers who showed a lot of love, allowing/enabling me to become a nominee.
It was an honor for me just to be nominated together with so many sunbaenim’s like this, but thank you so much for giving me such a big award.
I felt very lacking while filming ‘Moonlight Drawn by Clouds’. Thank you to Joongki-hyung who gave me advice during those times, and director Kim Sunghoon, director Baek Sanghoon, director Kang Sooyeon, and director Kim Shihyung and director Lee Minwoong who created the beautiful cinematography. Also the director of lighting, director Yoo Cheol. Ah really… I think I was able to complete the character of Lee Young because there was such sturdy sunbaenims (around/supporting him). Uh.. and thank you also to the scriptwriters allowing me to meet the amazing character that was Lee Young. And thank you also to designer Lee Jinhee who clothed me in beautiful hanbok. And thank you to Jinah-noona who was in charge of makeup. And.. uh… I think it is thanks to the staff that I am able to receive this award. And thank you so, so much to all the extras.
There are so many people I am thankful tok.
A sincere thank you to Joo BangOk (chief) director/president, the representative of Blossom Entertainment who helped me to make my dream come true, and always helps me both physically and spiritually. And to president Ji YoungJoo, vice-president Seung ByeongWook, director Kim JeongYong, director Kim Jihye.
I would also like to thank Kwangjoon-ie hyung who is always beside me working hard, looking after me and loving me silently (from the side-line), (stylists) Gong Jiyeon noona, Yoonjung noona, Yejin noona.. ah Yejin-ie. And I would like to relay a work of thanks to the staff members who worked together on 'Moonlight Drawn by Clouds’, as well as Joonhyuk-hyung, Hyesung-noona, Dongyeon-ie, Soobin-ie, Jinyoung hyung who are here together tonight and Yoojung-ie.
In order to not be embarrased when I look back on today someday in the future, I will sincerely work hard to become an honest person who always has integrity.
I would like to share this happiness with my beloved dad who is always praying for me, and my family - a sincere thank you once again.

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