Naomi Walsh is eleven years old, she looks like Autumn Miller and is being played.

Talent: Originally dance was just a way for Naomi to to place well in pageants but the more time that Naomi spent at the studio the more she realised how much she loved it. She never quit pageants but she did her first dance competition when she was eight and took home first overall in her age division. Naomi is rare in that she can handle every style equally well from ballroom to hip hop to contemporary. She has a strong work ethic and has become one of the most talked about dancers on the competition circuit.

Personality: Naomi is a typical pageant princess. Being constantly told how gorgeous and perfect she is has gone to her head and Naomi believes she is above most people. If Naomi doesn’t win a pageant she blames it on the judges or the staging, anything except her own performance. Naomi is very conceited and tends to belittle those around her. Underneath all of it though Naomi can actually be a very good friend but there are very few people that Naomi lets in. She’s a very hard worker and knows that laziness won’t get you anywhere but she also trusts her own natural talent and beauty to win her crowns.

Family: When Naomi’s mom found out she was having a little girl she was so excited at the prospect of dressing her up and putting her on a stage for the whole world to see. Naomi’s mom believes that appearance is everything and that it doesn’t matter how old you are, you have to look perfect. Naomi’s mom loved dressing Naomi up and doing her hair and makeup to turn her into her own little barbie doll. Now that Naomi is more focused on dance the mom and daughter pair are drifting apart because she misses her little doll.