stormfather  asked:

any fics with chronically ill remus? (usually aus, i suppose) like Highland Fling or Text Talk?

I thought I’d use this as an opportunity to rec fics with all kinds of illnesses, disorders, disabilities, etc., including chronic illnesses. These all have Remus as the one affected. 

And for anyone who hasn’t read them yet: Text Talk by merlywhirls, Highland Fling by picascribit.

colinandrewfirth  asked:

Can you recommend me some fics where Remus is chronically ill? Thank you 💕

Absolutely! This is another one of those where I could come up with most of them off the top of my head so I got really excited and did it all in two nights even though I have 22 more requests in my drafts……..

I took the liberty of including fics in which Remus has any kind of chronic illness, disability, or mental illness. (I was going to separate them but some overlapped categories so this was easier.) 

The type of illness is listed in parentheses for each fic. I’ve also put warnings for a few things (death, child abuse) but be forewarned that quite a few of these are angsty by nature. Stars (*) are some of my favorites on this topic.

**Updates made after first posting in bold.

Illness-related but Remus is not actually ill:

I referenced painlessj’s disability reclist (which has all characters/pairings) while making this– it’s immensely impressive and comprehensive.

wolfstarwarehouse also has chronic illness posts for Remus here and here.