*Insert gross stuff about how just like Luffy has his Nakama when he falls into troubled waters, you do too* *Proceeds to throw up at the corniness of the statement*

littlefirefist asked:

"It's my first mun's birthday so my new annoying mun decided to drag me here to wish you a happy birthday so happy birthday and tell Luffy I'm going to steal all the cake cause he's too old for cake but I'm not" //Thought it's only write that Little Acey wishes you a happy birthday too ^-^

//I miss u little ace but you were a piece of shit.


“Ace or not you steal the cake I fuck you up." 

[I did not do anything*cough*]

*Cries because your didn’t have to draw me something and that it’s beautiful and because emotion* ljkdfhjsgldkjgsldkjfglks your picture is beautiful ;A; AND I DONNO HOW TO REACT BUT THANK YOU A LOT AND I HOPE YOUR BDAY IS HAPPY AS MINE WHEN IT COMES <33 AND I SHALL KEEP THIS FOREVER