🔊 The will to do TRAP is within me but not the desire to add all the bells&whistles of post production…Collab anyone? #beats #trap #BeatGoddessMedia #kbdabeatgoddess


🔊🎶Beats I’ve been sitting on Pt.2 #beats #gating #kbdabeatgoddess #BeatGoddessMedia


[ L A T E P O S T] “Out” #ListenWithHeadphones #beattape #beatgoddessgfx #BeatGoddessMedia #kbdabeatgoddess

Just some sounds I’ve been working on this year….name of the beats in order you hear them…-@KBDABEATGODDESS

========T R A C K L I S T ================================
1.WhoMadeYou 2.Rogier 3.Riding With Me

4.Bop-Ba-Daa 5.Rudimentary 6.The Sirens

7.Too Smuve 8.Gowin 9.Shinobi

10.Whew 11.LookMama..Sidechain 12.Ode to the Clark Sisters


Never heard a Beat Goddess Remix? You're missing out..

New Remixes, Edits #BGM

While I’m figuring out  what to do on my new instrumental project, I’ve been dropping some pretty dope remixes/edits/reworks here on my site, as well as other music sharing sites.

It would mean the world to me if you checked them out, shared them, downloaded, and gave me feedback. ANY support is greatly appreciated & NEEDED!


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I always like to do theme based beat/instrumental tapes. Since I’m a fan of the movie Poetic Justice, I decided to do a musical interpretation of the characters Chicago (Joe Torry) and Iesha (Regina King). Why not do Justice (Janet Jackson) and Lucky (Tupac)? Cause that would’ve been too easy. I think the dynamics of Chicago&Iesha’s relationship are far more entertaining and dysfunctional. So be on the look out for it. I’ll post it on Friday March 2,2012