Main Battle Tank T-72AG upgraded.

-New multi-fuel diesel engine series 6TD (6TD-1 1000 HP or 6TD-2 power 1200 HP);
-Increase of level of protection through the installation of additional armor modules on the front of hull and turret, built-in dynamic protection and side screens to the front of the case (also possible to install KOEP “VARTA”);
-New aiming devices and observation: sighting system 1А43 (with a new eye-1Г46 rangefinder and ballistic computer 1В517М), sighting system PNK-4S Agat(with a new eye TNK-4C);
-New sighting system gunner: TO1-1 “Buran” (with night gunner’s sight TPN-4) or TO1-КО1Е (with night sight TPN-4E);
Standard upgrade option provides for the preservation of the 125-mm gun 2A46M (but is possible to install a gun caliber 125 mm KBA-1)
-Commander’s hatch is mounted remotely controlled 12.7 mm anti-aircraft machine-gun installation of the closed type;
The possibility of equipment T-72AG upgraded satellite navigation system.


I don’t know if you have all gotten the chance to see the photos from the Kingdom Hearts Premium Theater at D23 in Japan that took place yesterday, but all of us in the KBA are very excited. There was even a cast member dressed as King Mickey in his KH 2 attire! This makes us at the KBA very happy, because it is representative of one of our mission goals; hence the last photo that we put together. Stick around as more news from the latest event rolls out! ~Young Xehanort