I don’t know if you have all gotten the chance to see the photos from the Kingdom Hearts Premium Theater at D23 in Japan that took place yesterday, but all of us in the KBA are very excited. There was even a cast member dressed as King Mickey in his KH 2 attire! This makes us at the KBA very happy, because it is representative of one of our mission goals; hence the last photo that we put together. Stick around as more news from the latest event rolls out! ~Young Xehanort

Fuckboy Identification Checklist (based on personal experience):

-Talks a lot about his ex
-Talks BADLY about his ex
-Blames anyone other than himself for his mistakes (I.e., I wasn’t late but my ride was LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE TIME)
-Tells you he’s not like other guys
-Tells you you’re not like other girls
-Likes misogynistic jokes and doesn’t understand why you don’t or why you get angry when he laughs at or tells them
-Wears excessive amounts of cologne/body spray (you can smell them from a mile away, like dude calm it down)
-Acts like he should be more important than your other priorities (school, work, family)
-Tries to pull moves too early or in an inappropriate place (IDC who you are but going to second base with your MOTHER in the room is never OK)
-Tells you he loves you early in the relationship (dude we met five months ago and now I’m the center of your universe and you want to marry me in five years. WTF tone it down)
-Tells you “that feminism stuff” is “weird”
-Tries to change your behavior
-Pressures you into situations you aren’t comfortable with
-Uses the threat of breaking up (not that you should be threatened, I use “threat” very loosely here) to get you to go on dates/do stuff when you really should be working
-Ignores what you say, especially if he doesn’t like it (like once I was trying to work and he decided he wanted to kiss me, I said no, I’m busy, he ignored it and did it anyway, and I ended up getting in trouble over it)
-Ignores the boundaries you set, especially in intimate situations
-Changes dates and/or times and blames you for being late
-Tries to guilt-trip you into staying with him (the standard, “everyone else leaves me, no one loves me, please stay” shebang)
-Gets jealous when you talk to other men
-Tries to make you jealous by telling you other girls flirt with him
-Intentionally jokes about things he knows you’re uncomfortable with/sensitive about
-Makes fun of your interests or how much you like them
-Touches you IN ANY WAY without your consent or in a way he knows you don’t like (he used to randomly pick me up by the waist, like a kitten or something. He knew I hated it but he kept doing it)

In general, if it doesn’t feel like you’re dating your best friend, it’s not gonna end well. If you EVER feel uncomfortable, drop that bastard like a hot potato and move on with your life. Even if you love him, anyone who does all this is NOT WORTH YOUR TIME. Especially the last half or so of the list–if he tries to make himself more important than your success and happiness, dump the fucker. It might hurt, you might want to go back, you might feel like a terrible person, but seriously–it will make your life SO MUCH BETTER. A relationship should never cause you discomfort or stress, the way this one did to me. That’s part of the reason my friends and I created this blog–to keep our fellow girls, guys, or people away from these jackasses. Rose and Little provide the sage wisdom here, but I’m the one who dated a fuckboy. And now I’m telling y'all how not to.

KBA out.