At this point, Sargent had been up since 5:30am (6 hours ago), had run at the barn for 5 hours, and had been wanting to nap for the last hour. Despite this, he never once put his head down.

In the middle of a busy food count, my brain was being a little shit, I couldn’t focus and was hypersensitive and fidgety. Having Sargent with me meant I could sit focus on the pressure of him leaning against my legs and not worry about the people around me because he was watching out for me. He may not be perfect, but he makes life for me possible.


Haley part two from Stardew Valley! She is a cutie pie! and up next is more pictures of my Penny cosplay! I wasn’t happy that I only got like two good pictures of my last shoot…maybe I’ll post more from my first shoot >.<. until then enjoy more haley>

(Edit I posted penny’s already before this) This whole cosplay is a closet cosplay and costed less than 5 USD excluding the wig and shoe. The shoes were 5 USD, and the wig was around 40 USD (real human hair is the reasoning) with added weave (real human hair)  of 20 USD.

Haley - moi
photographer - Palm-Grizzie