As long as the sun shines, the rivers flow, and the grass grows…

Chief Crowfoot’s words on the value of our land:

The story is told that on that occasion the white man spread many one-dollar bills on the ground and said, “this is what the white man trades with; this is his buffalo robe. Just as you trade skins, we trade with these pieces of paper.” When the white man had laid all his money on the ground and had shown how much he would give if the Indians would sign a treaty, Crowfoot took a handful of clay, made a ball out of it and put it on the fire and cooked it. It did not crack. Then he said to the white man, “Now put your money on the fire and see if it will last as long as the clay.” The white man said, “No….my money will burn because it is made of paper”. With an amused gleam in his eyes the old chief said, “Oh your money is not as good as our land, is it? The wind will blow it away; the fire will burn it; water will rot it. Nothing will destroy our land. You don’t make a very good trade.”
Then with a smile, Crowfoot picked up a handful of sand from the river bank, handed it to the white man and said, “You count the grains of sand in that while I count the money you give for the land”. The white man said, “I would not live long enough to count this, but you can count the money in a few minutes”. “Very well”, said the wise Crowfoot, “our land is more valuable then your money. It will last forever. It will not perish as long as the sun shines and the water flows, and through all the years it will give life to men and animals, and therefore we cannot sell the land. It was put there by the Great Spirit and we cannot sell it because it does not really belong to us. You can count your money and burn it with a nod of a buffalo’s head, but only the Great Spirit can count the grains of sand and the blades of grass on these plains. As a present we will give you anything you can take with you, but we cannot give you the land.”

When will people ever learn? The Creator gave us our land as a blessing and a precious gift and to take care of it. It’s so special that my ancestors saw this coming and made it a priority to ensure the safety of the land and sacred landmarks. Generations later and we’re still repeating ourselves. Yet people are lead by greed, power, and money. There are other ways, and this shouldn’t be happening, but for them it’s all about the price tag..


This was the first SD I ever got with. We had discussed that my allowance was going to be $400/meet and that that was all. I told him I wasn’t comfortable with having sex on the first date and he agreed that he wouldn’t be pushy with anything. 

On the first date, I was naive enough to go with him back to his hotel room and he pressured me into giving him a blowjob. I didn’t not want to get paid and so I gave him a blowjob, especially because he was paying for my back and forth Uber. 

The second date, I told him I still wasn’t comfortable with having sex and yet he kept pressuring me over and over again and I was scared and he kept saying “I’ll just rub against your pussy” and then all of a sudden he was inside me and was fucking me. Without a condom. I was fucking terrified but said nothing, and then he gave me just $300 and I was too scared to say anything because just like last time, he paid for my back-and-forth Uber. 

We “broke up” because I wasn’t comfortable with how he had manipulated me and basically raped me. 

It was fucking scary because I was thinking in my head over and over again that it was all my fault because I’m fucking stupid since I needed the money. I didn’t realize that I got raped because I thought it was my fault and I put myself in this situation. I didn’t want to say anything because he’s fucking rich. On SA, he’s verified and he knows a lot of other rich people and lawyers and I’ve been so scared and I didn’t want to say anything about it. 

I don’t care if you think I’m “making shit up” or it’s my fault. I won’t go into the details of the nausea and fear that I feel as I type this or how I was nearly crying while in line at the pharmacy for a plan b pill.

I am posting this because I don’t want other girls in the New England (specifically Boston area) and Florida to fall for this guy. He will SEXUALLY MANIPULATE YOU, will not pay you the agreed price, will pressure you into sex, guilt-trip you, demand for nudes, and all that shitty stuff. 

Be safe girls. Please be smart and not like me. 

EDIT: His name, because I forgot to put it up there.


Holy cow we have over 3,000 followers ya’ll. 

We are seriously so grateful for all of you who make it possible for us to do this every day. We love helping you guys so much. We want to do something special for you all!

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I want a Sugar Baby Friend.

Me: I just got my allowance.

SB Friend: Me too!

Me: Beech let’s dress up and go to a cigar bar. We can freestyle and act like we’re sisters. 

SB Friend: How are we going to approach them? 

Me: Let’s have a debate about investing in America or investing in China stocks and then ask a random table to inquire. If they inquire ask them what bourbon goes well with a cigar. YOLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

SB Friend: Should I bring a leadership book as a backup conversation topic?

Me: (fake cries) WE ARE LIKE BALANCED!

I think this would make freestyling more effective since men love seeing two beautiful women and we can flirt with a table or a man without giving weird notions. 

Having a little with a service dog means:

Recognizing that puppy might be trained to help your little with things such as reminding her to take her medicine, bringing her an inhaler for asthma, helping her get dressed, and many other tasks! Talk to your little about what puppy helps with versus what she would like you to help with, and respect her wishes.

Knowing how and being willing to take care of puppy as well as taking care of your little. This may be a good chance to teach your little about responsibilities, but if he is having a very little day, make sure puppy is still cared for.

Learning about the laws! Know your little’s rights that they have when they’re taking puppy in public, and know where to find the information when you need to educate others.

Being prepared for staring and comments! A lot of people are not used to seeing a puppy in a store, so they may look at you a bit longer or make comments like, “Aww!” or, “Look! A dog!” Reassure your little if she is shy or uncomfortable with the attention.

Telling strangers no! People will sometimes try to pet puppy. If your little needs help, you might tell the person, “I’m sorry, but Puppy is working. Please do not distract her.”

Telling strangers no again! People can be curious and ask a lot of questions. Know what things your little wants to keep private. If he needs help, you can say, “I’m sorry, but we do not share that information with others.”

Being okay with your little going to puppy instead of you. Puppy’s 24/7 job is to help your little, so they may be used to their own quick solutions to tears, like a canine cuddle. Do not make them feel bad if they wants puppy’s comfort even when you are around.

Reassuring puppy that things are okay if your little is crying hysterically or having a tantrum. Puppy may be worried that something is very wrong! While a small boo boo might be something big for your little to deal with, puppy does not need to get anxious!

Listening to puppy! He may be trained to sense and alert to oncoming symptoms of your little’s condition. Know what puppy does to indicate when something might be wrong, and have a plan for what needs to be done next.

Learning about your little’s disability. They have puppy for a reason, so do research and ask questions! You can read about some conditions on @littlesmentalhealth​‘s blog!

Feel free to ask me any questions about service dogs in general or what it’s like having my own!