September 30th, 2016

Dear diary, 

Does it actually make me a bad host when I’ve got some friends over here, but am spending almost all of my time talking to Rich on the phone?

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I can’t help it, but Rich called a few hours ago and since then we had to talk a lot. My friends were so nice and entertained themselves with the dogs and with enjoying the sun outside… whoops, now they roll their eyes because I’m still not there xD But they know about our infatuation and I know they don’t mind. Supportive friends like them are really the best!

And now I at least know that Rich has arrived in LA and that he’s tired to death because he didn’t manage to sleep well on the plane, that he’s looking forward to the Berlin Station panel, but that he also can’t wait until it’s over so that he can take the plane back to join me on the farm… then HE was talking for quite a long while, telling me I shouldn’t do anything that might result in an accident (if it went the way Rich wants I mustn’t even go outside without him because I could trip and fall and hurt myself….YES, stuff like that happens, but I never died doing it!  Honestly, I need to sit him down one day and tell him not to worry so much about me D:)…

But I really should go entertain my friends now. What’s the point of having them over and then not talking to them? :P


P.S.: Richard said the premiere of Berlin Station and the panel today were great. I had to giggle at Richard’s comments about naked butts. His naked butt is mine only, though. ;)