Autumn in the pocket by Luthigern

maggie stopping alex from pouring more scotch

maggie immediately checking up on alex after her day

maggie pulling alex against her and immediately comforting her

“aw sweetie”

actually getting a scene where we see alex danvers breaking into a million pieces and maggie sawyer picking her back up piece by piece and holding her until she feels put together

do u think alex teases maggie about bonsai trees

“baby do you just like them because you’re similar?”

“what are you talking about danvers?”

“you know, you’re both the tiniest of your species”

real quick head canons about maggies aunt

- she calls maggie every thursday “you can always come home” “im 30″ “it has not be 16 years has it…youre making me old” “you are old”

- maggies aunt is at most only a solid 15 years older, theres not much of an age gap between them but her aunt still was the most respectable parental figure maggies ever had

- maggies aunt keeps trying to get maggie to introduce to her alex??? she refuses?? and so she threatens to show up at national city and maggie tells her not to dare

- ( she does, at 830 in the morning with a text 30 minutes prior that maggie misses bc shes too busy kissing alex that says she just lands in national city )

- she tells the WORST stories of maggie and her crushes on girls when she was just a baby gay

- alex thinks her aunts adorable, she thinks it seven cuter when said aunt pulls maggie into a hug and kisses her head, and whispers the words “i am so glad you have found the love you deserve, you have no idea how much you deserve to surround yourself with it”

- alex tries to say they should invite her over for thanksgiving dinner and maggie shoots daggers at alex and she LAUGHS