anonymous asked:

Would you be willing to write some snuggling? Not a terribly exciting prompt, I'm sorry, but I could really use some casual intimacy.

casual intimacy is pretty much the best

it was a funny thing, when afternoon started to settle in and weigh on your eyelids, that golden orange light all lazy as it streamed through the windows, catching pieces of dust. suddenly the will to work was lost and it was like a spell had fallen over the room, the two of them ebbing from work flow to something closer to work dribble, fingers gone still and magnus forgetting about all of the lists and contracts he was working on instead to watch the way alec’s head was lolling back against the back of his chair.

the sunlight lit up the edges of his deflect rune and magnus watched the slow dip of his eyelids, honey colored light making the whole room hazy. he knew it was bound to happen, and it did.

it was a slow shuffle, hands on forearms and bodies pressed together. quiet murmurs that sounded more like yes, please and less like a possibility. it was half stumbling to the couch, the pretense something like do you want some tea? but tea never happened. instead before they knew it they were settled on the couch, side to side, legs sliding and tangling and alec’s nose bumping up against magnus’s cheek.

and it was a beautiful thing, wasn’t it, to hear alec hum as magnus settled his hands on either side of his spine. it was beautiful to feel his arms wrap around him, pressing him closer. it was so good to hold each other, as close as they could get as the afternoon light dripped over them all warm and sleepy. magnus closed his eyes, encased in the warmth of their breathing.

work could wait until later.