ASTRO’s Moonbin, A Growing-dol True to Its Definition

If you’re asking who is ASTRO’s Moonbin,
Rookie group ASTRO who celebrated their 1st year anniversary since debut last month. The 6 members debuted at an average age of 18 years old and gained titles like, ‘sprout-dols’, 'growth-dols’, 'refreshing-dols’, etc., with their fresh charms. Despite their young age, ASTRO expanded their fandom through every promotion with their growing sides. If there was one familiar face amongst them then that face would probably be Moonbin’s, ASTRO’s sub-vocal and main dancer. Moonbin, who was born in 1998, shared with the public his growth process, from being a 9 year old boy to becoming a 20 year old youth.

'Growth-dol’ Moonbin’s timeline
2006 - DBSK’s Balloons MV
2007 - SBS 'Star King’ Little Shinki
2009 - KB2 'Boys Over Flowers’
2015 - Webdrama 'To Be Continued
2016 - ASTRO’s debut

Moonbin, a growth-dol as is
In 2006, Moonbin appeared as U-Know Yunho’s child character in extremely popular idol DBSK’s Balloons MV. At that time, he was known amongst DBSK’s fans as the 'young Yunho’ and was favoured by them. As a matter of fact, he also appeared in SBS variety program 'Star King’ as Little Shinki and showed off extraordinary singing and dancing, receiving praise from U-Know Yunho, “You’re cool.” That was when Moonbin was 9 years old.

Moonbin, who captured the hearts of 'aunt-fans’ with his way of talking that was overflowing with cuteness, his bright smile and his facial features that were perfect since he was young, promoted as a kids model and child actor. In 2009, he played the child character of F4’s Kim Bum (So Yi Jeong’s character) from KBS2’s popular drama, 'Boys Over Flowers’, and showed off his tearful acting.

Last year, tenasia met up with Moonbin and told him, “It feels new meeting Little Shinki’s Moonbin again as ASTRO’s Moonbin.” He replied, “I can’t believe you knew me, it’s fascinating to me too,” and laughed as he continued, “To be honest, it wasn’t by my own will that I stepped foot in the entertainment industry. I naturally came to know about singing, dancing and acting but then I found it enjoyable dancing and singing in front of other people.”

Moonbin actually started his trainee life at a young age, that time alone went way beyond 5 years. Even amongst ASTRO’s members he’s said to be the member who went through a long trainee period.

“If you’re talking about my glory days (a new term to describe one’s heydays that have come and gone) then it has to be in my 3rd year of middle school when I stood on stage for a school festival. Everyone knew I was a trainee but since I didn’t show them the singing or dancing side of me, they said, "This year is the last so dance.” I also thought to myself that “Alright, I’ll show them,” so I stood on stage. I had to dance in front of the whole school and I didn’t even manage to rehearse properly yet I was going up on stage, I was extremely nervous. But I became more relaxed once the music started playing. I enjoyed the attention from people who were watching me dance as I listened to the music. I think my fear just completely disappeared then (laughs).“

The boy who naturally embraced singing and dancing put in his own effort and enjoyed himself and finally became a real singer. He’s now grown to become a dancer that cannot be left out from ASTRO’s synchronised choreography and a vocal that enriches ASTRO’s music with his unique vocal color. He’s receiving love not as someone else’s child actor but entirely as ASTRO’s Moonbin.

Moonbin worked part time at a coffee shop before his debut. It was an opportunity given to him by his company because he didn’t know how to communicate (with others) having started his entertainment industry life since a young age. He said, "I shared conversations with the staff hyungs and noonas, made coffee and learnt how to respond to people as I yielded to the customers. That was when I felt that whatever it may be, you have to face it head-on.”

“ASTRO has the title 'sprout-dols’. I want to work hard until the sprout grows into a big tree. I also want to tell myself to have more self-confidence. The sense of burden is as much as the anticipation many people have for us but ASTRO isn’t a group who does music to show it to someone, we do music because we like it. I hope that I don’t forget for a long time that I’m singing and dancing because I like it. I want to continue showing a developing side of me that will catch your attention.”

It’s a given for his singing and dancing skills but even developing the right mentality, I’m proud of Moonbin. As his hopes, Moonbin’s growth is in the present continuous tense. At ASTRO’s first official fanmeeting that was held last month in commemoration of their 1st anniversary since debut, Moonbin wore a black suit and showed off powerful choreography and he was definitely different from the little smiling Moonbin who was holding onto a balloon. A growing-dol true to its definition, I support Moonbin’s never ending growth story.

Source: http://tenasia.hankyung.com/archives/1149768

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