Lagertha and her fangirls; Dedicated to the lovely and talented kazztou, you have been a light to me in dark places, when all other lights go out.

Hello followers, Winter is Coming!

I really wanted to make you all something for hitting 2.5 K followers. First of all happy almost holidays! I hope you all have a great break, since its getting really close! A huge thank you to everyone who have been there for me even if it has been in a small way. Another huge thank you to those who I don’t follow but like most of my posts. My final thank you goes to each of you, regardless if you’re on this list or not. To those that made this list, regardless how long I’ve followed you, you deserve to be here. Also shout out to the amazing people I admin with on vikings-shieldmaiden blog, which you should all follow! This list consists of blogs from the top five fandoms I blog about:

(a-d) allianzarenaanakinswbardtenderbaelishbarethgale, bennedikthowedesbethwoodvillesblake-ritson-love, brbayerncanadiansandscatherineparrscharleishunnam, combcferredailymartellsdaleyblindsdeneirysdoranmvrtell

(e-f) eliaofdorneerebordearieeveryonelovesiniestafieryxtemplar, fuckyeahhousestarkgameofthronesdailygreggchillinsgirolamoriario

(i-l) iheartgotillucescitjamiefrassrjacuszajulescaesarjunsnow,  kaeleers-heart kazztoulannvsterlauranoncredelisbethunleashed,  littlegotze, live-laugh-love-fussballllahmluciousmafoy

(m-p) miasanrichmimingathenamjolhirmmesutozillmunchens, my-tardis-is-a-221b-impalaneuersoberynmatelloberynmvrtell, olympiansheroes,  osvaldclaraorube, pedropascal-dailypppperprincedorann

(q-t) queensansastarkroamanoffrobbenairerobbtstark, robynaddisonrunawaybrain1995sammytarlysidhwen, simmonsmorsestormbornvalkyrie, targaryeinsthelothbroks, thequeenlagertha, thomasfrickinmuller, traavis-fimmel

(v-w) vaharada, veticavicomtesse, vikinksvirsenyavisenyaqueenweihrauchs.


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