My current weight loss transformation pics

kazzsjourney submitted: 

 My journey has been very hard, with many, many ups and downs. Currently I am on a downward trend and never doing better :) I started at 173.1 kilos or 380 pounds and as of this morning I weigh 122.6 kilos or 270 pounds. So currently I am down 50.5 kilos or 110 pounds. I am far from finished - wanting to lose another 42.6 kilos or 95 pounds. Feel free to follow me to share in my journey :)

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Vegetarian Tumblrs

I am really keen to find some good quality vegetarian tumblrs (Vegan ones are fine too but I know I could never give up dairy so dont think at this point I could go vegan) I am aware of funeralformyfat but after any other quality sites) I am also keen for any good books…I have Alicia Silverstones “The Kind Diet” but keen for other books :)