Australian Nicknames

If you’ve ever spent time in Australia, or even had a casual conversation with someone from the Land Down Under you’ll know that Australians love to come up with creative short forms for words. Now when I used the word ‘creative’ I’m using it lightly. An Australian short form usually consists of adding a could z’s and either 'a’ or 'o’ to the end of a word. This is also a common practice that’s used for coming up with nicknames as I will now demonstrate.

In Australia:

Aaron = Azza

Barry = Bazza

Darren = Dazza

Garry =  Gazza

Karen = Kazza

Lauren = Lozza

Sharon = Shazza

Warren = Wozza

I’m not making this up. This is what people actually call their friends here.

There’s also:

Damon = Damo

and finally, 

Daniel = Dangerz

But how about other popular Aussie names you might ask. Do they get nifty nicknames too? Sadly, no. To my knowledge Bazza is reserved for Barry and not Bruce and Hamish? Well, Hamish is just Hamish, but then again, you get to be called Hamish and that’s kind of special all on its own.