I was scared when Star showed off her shoestring tied to a pine cone weapon to Mina, it sounded like Mina was going to mock it

*Mina Steals a bat from a kid*
Star: “Mina! Did you finish building your weapon?”
Mina: *Shows off her stolen bat* “I have created the most deadly of maces!”
Star: “Aweeesssommmeee, you know I’m actually pretty proud of mine too!”
*Shows off a pine cone tied to a shoelace with a face on it*
*Mina looks at it worriedly*
Mina: “Uhh Kazza kazza whaa?”
Star: “It’s a pine cone tied to a string and then I put some flowers on it and drew a face! I call him Davie”
Mina: “Fantastic!! Hoooo!!!”

God I love them