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Lía, me indica masterlist de segredos, por favor? ♡

❛ — BOM DIA, DARLING!, tudo bem com você? só tem um em português, me desculpa viu?? mas se quiser mais ou que traduza alguma coisa, é só vir aqui que faço com prazer! ♡


[get to know me meme] 10 Female Characters (8/10): Amy Pond (Doctor Who)

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Hello there, I really love this blog it's my go-to for Sterek fics! :D on that note, any more fics for the 'Stiles keeping secrets' tag?

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Like that would ever happen by mee4ever (1/1 | 9,530 | NC17)

He doesn’t hear the other boy coming before the water is turned on in another shower to his right. It makes him jump, stand up straight and the only thing that makes him neither run away as fast as he can or have a full on panic attack right there is the shock of who is standing beside him. Derek. Derek fucking Hale.

Or the one where Stiles and Derek keep each other’s secrets despite the fact that they hate each other and they might also be sleeping together.

Yule Tide by Kawayako (1/? | 7,295 | NC17)

Stiles insisted that his sudden athletic prowess was the result of a werewolf bite.
Scott was not amused.

When the Sheriff finally convinces Stiles to work out things out with estranged best friend the night of the annual holiday party, a vengeful classmate with a pitcher of eggnog, a power outage, and an outrageously attractive Good Samaritan get in the way of their reconciliation.

He winds up getting a lot more than stocking stuffers for Christmas.

Til I’m Too Old To Die Young by GemmaTolken (TiberiusOfSpace) (1/25 | 1,918 | R)

Stiles has big things planned for his senior year. Well, he had big things planned. That was before he discovered he has a rare blood disease leaving him with less than a year to live.

Stiles silences his doctor and doesn’t speak a word of it to anyone outside of therapy. Not his brother and lacrosse team captain Scott; not the town sheriff his father; not his insane mother suffering from dementia; not his coach; no one.

He especially doesn’t tell the highly intelligent, mysterious and very hot - okay the very, extremely hot Derek Hale he’s been crushing on since he realized he was paying more attention to the dick in porn than anything else.

Now he has to push up his life plans, scratch off what he can, go out with a bang and for heaven’s sake get laid! Senior year is definitely not going to go as first planned.

Based on the book Deadline by Chris Crutcher. Title from Moe Bandy’s song “Till I’m Too Old to Die Young” (1987).

Chain Scars|| Closed RP with @protectorofbalance

It was breezy that day on Kashyyk. The wind blew through the branches and through the hair of a jedi apprentice called Scout as she climbed through said branches. After returning to Kashyyk with Master Sek to recover from the last Sith battle, Scout had taken to studying healing and how to use herbs and the force for healing. 

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Today she was on a mission of her own. There was an orchid that grew in the trees that she needed to get, but she never told her master for what. Bellow her, her cookie friend Chal-Kazza watched, calling to her to be careful.

“Oh don’t worry,” Scout called back. “It’s just like parcoaring on croissant.”