Cant shade it til i get my computer but i uswd my moms laptop which she didnt have a regular mouse avaliable so i used the one on the machine which took longer lol its all put together enjoy


Created in about 2 hours ;v;

Gonna be working MY BEST to get a more official/better/longer version out before I die


After effect (ex-band of Gara and Nero) on the first issue of the early visual kei magazine, 大江戸日記 (Oedo Nikki).


Vo. 真琴 (Makoto) (ex-VISAGE → After effect → MERRY)

Gt. HIDE (ex-ILLUSIA → After effect → Vanilla → VIDOLL → [retired])

Gt. KAZZ (ex-ILLUSIA → After effect → [retired])

Ba. 万作 (Bansaku) (ex-ILLUSIA → After effect → baroque → boogieman)

Dr. kuni (ex-SMOKY FLAVOR → After effect → MERRY)


A Night Without a Lover
Composer: Yukihide Takekawa
Arrangement: Kazz Toyama and Secret Plans
Vocals/English arrangement: Adrienne Cox

Soul Blazer © 1992
Developer: Quintet
Publisher: Enix

Quick test of first part of the song.