@dailyreading‘s first event: favourite ya and middle grade protagonists.

 kazz brekker. “greed bows to me. it is my servant and my lever.“

Kazzs dog

I had put a couple of sleeping pills in Kazzs drink when she came in from work , as she drank it I said I would take the dog for a walk , we were gone abiut 30mins when we got back in Kazz was on the settee half asleep, I said you must have had a busy day to be that tired , she nodded yea very busy and very tired . Il give you a massage to help you relax I said , she smiled and nodded , I rolled her onto her front and started rubbing her shoulders and neck after about 10mins her breathing became very heavy as she went to sleep, I carried on for about another ten mins then pulled then back of her dress up showing her panties , I shook her a couple of times but she didnt wake I called the dog over a moved his nose between Kazzs legs he sniffed and started licking her pussy I slowly removed her panties and his nose went straight back in. I moved Kazz slowly around so she was bent over the seat of the settee and parted her arse cheecks and pulled the dog ontop of her , he didnt need any encouragement his cock was out and I guided it into kazz , he started fucking her like their was no tomorrow , it must have took a couple of minutes before he came in her Kazz groaned a couple of times , I let the dog out into the garden and lifted Kazzs legs up onto some cushions so the spunk didnt leak out

I’ve been thinking about this the past few days trying to gather my thoughts since I’m terrible at getting my feelings into words but..

I think the reason I like Neo Yokio so much is that although it is of poor quality, it was made with love. You can tell that the people who worked on it had fun, and to me, that’s what really matters with creating media and entertainment.

You can find GORGEOUS art by fantastic artists, but you can tell it’s hollow and the person just wanted it to get done rather than finish it out of passion or love for the craft.

Same goes with dubs and animated shows in general. The Ghost Stories dub is infamous for being hilarious and terrible, but it’s so popular because the voice actors were having fun with it. You can tell when somebody enjoys a role they’re playing.

And sure, you could argue that Jaden as Kazz sounds really monotone, but honestly he just sounds that like no matter what role he’s taking. The character of Kazz in the first place is not a man who has a lot of joy in his life, he seems to be a somewhat depressed man (idk about this as I’m not the kinda person who puts headcanons on characters) who despite being rich and popular, he has his own melancholy. 

I think just in the jist of it; I have a very neutral opinion on most things. I’ll love something even if it’s terrible bc it entertains me. I like seeing things of bad quality that were made from a place of passion. Little children’s art, a person’s first project, stuff like that.

Sailors Uranus and Neptune as illustrated by original Sailor Moon animation character designer, Tadano Kazuko. This image was scanned from my copy of the artist’s second “MOMO-MARU Zukan” doujinshi.