I was tagged by the beautiful nickrhodeseyeliner (oh and I love your new URL :3) to do the 20 beautiful people challenge. So here is my face (I took this one this afternoon), oops ! I’ll nominate : bassdisintegrator (yes again, and no old selfie, I want a recent one ;)), enter-the-fossa (pls pls pls), funeralcrashers, jarvischrist, adamant1980, lovercomebacktome, kazzykayye (again, sorry ^^), s0cialist , boygeorged, starlight-on-your-skin, naznomad, robert-smith-is-a-cat, suburbia-jpg and vektroids (you are all pretty so show me your gorgeous face !)

I was tagged by the cutie that80smusic, thank youuu :3

1.) Post the rules.

2.) Answer the questions the tagger asked you and make eleven new ones.

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My Questions:

1) Name 3 of your favourite bands

- Culture Club.
- Duran Duran.
- Depeche Mode.

2) What is your favourite word?

- “Fleur” (“Flower” in French).

3) What is your least favourite band?

- I don’t reallt know :/.

4) What is your least favourite album?

- Same.

5) What is your least favourite song?

- It’s a French song by Guy Marchand called “Déstinée”, this song makes me sick !

6) When did you join tumblr?

- In late 2010.

7) What is the scariest thing that’s ever happened to you?

- I almost died in a car crash… Twice in the same week, 3 years ago.

8) Can you drive?

- No.

9) If you could see any band live which band would it be?

- Right now, Duran Duran.

10) Have you ever been to a concert?

- Yep !

11) What is the first song you ever remember hearing?

Wow, odd but I don’t know o_o

OK, so, my questions are :

1) Do you like men wearing makeup ?
2) Favorite fashion model ?
3) Favorite drink ? (Non-alcohol)
4) Your opinion on men wearing pink ?
5) Favorite solo artist ?
6) Night in the club or night at home watching movies/series ?
7) Favorite season, and why ?
8) Favorite flower ?
9) Favorite video game ?
10) Favorite fictionnal character ?
11) Dream date ?

Alright, now the tags : bassdisintegrator, fawnfuckerr, simonlebabe, patbenatar, taylorsatisfaction, homorrissey, rocknroll-gypsyqueen, kazzykayye, boygeorged, nickrhodeslittledarling & miss-spooks (no obligation, as usual)

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mama kazzy, I had a dream last night that you had a restaurant called "Kazz5" and Nana was working the register and the cooks were robots and then everyone died. ~Mia


that time Karen “forgot” to stop

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How do you always have a hilarious and totally relevant gif response? I'm also asking b/c I run an imagines blog and sometimes it takes me a while to find good gifs

Maybe I spend too much time on tumblr? Haha! I don’t know! I just google a bunch of stuff and see what I think works best! It definitely takes me longer than you might think sometimes. Like, I should be writing…