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I’ll wait, however long it takes.

So this is just a quick English sub of my school’s portion of Kame and Tao-chan’s appearance on Tuesday Surprise. I always knew it was a heritage site but I didn’t know it was literally the oldest girls’ school in Hakodate! Anyway, the school nurse and I were a little disappointed that Wentz didn’t come, but ok NOT COMPLAINING because we get to see CELEBRITIES amirite? (Also I almost mistook Daigo for a crew member, oops).

Also, I’ll pimp the movie since our school’s band is featured in it. Really proud of the hard work our girls put in every single day to practice! (They spend more time in school than I do lbh). Plus Hakodate is SUPER proud of being the main location of this movie and I love this lil’ city so I don’t know if you’re interested in the film’s plot but do check out our pretty scenery and stuff.

Freezing manga cap redraw ♥


Some of My Favorite Jdrama Ships Part 2 (1, 3, 4)


Prompt #13 - “Eijun and Raichi fighting monsters as magical school girls, please?” from domonsface

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Art by mihke  this fanart is a commission. 

If you play the game and seiyuu lover, you guys must be know what does it mean hehehe

For those who don’t know, In case if you guys wondering, this is actually a Seiyuu joke. Midorikawa Hikaru play as Kei Hazuki from Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side and Nakai Kazuya play as Shiba Katsumi in Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 2 (Tokimemo is dating-sim otome game)

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Their male best friend tells them he's gay. (Can I get Haizaki too)


note: a swear word cause haizaki

Hara Kazuya

Chuckling, the boy raised his hand and called over to Hanamiya, “Hey, Hana- I was right about ma man [Y/N] being gay! You owe me 10!” 

Haizaki Shougo

He smirked, nudging you playfully, “Well, when you get it, tell me whether dick’s any good.” 

Furuhashi Kojiro

“And?” he looked at you, not bothered or affected by the news, “what do you expect me to say?” 

Seto Kentaro

“Got it” he stifled a yawn as he leaned on you, “take me to some gay bar sometime so I can finally watch you blush.”

Hanamiya Makoto

“You thought I didn’t know?” the captain smirked as he swung an arm around you, “Since when did I look stupid?”

Yamazaki Hiroshi

“Oh….” the boy exhaled slowly as he nodded to himself, “so that’s why you don’t blush around girls?” 


miyuki why u so tol here *slapped*

After get the Ruka’s route in Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 3rd Story (TMGS) then I just missed Sugitan voice that can make me laugh, so I re-watched Gintama XD

I just randomly choose to watch Host Club arc (episode 241-242). Yeah I laughed at it again but sometimes I get bored and minimize the playing video while I still can hear some voice.

But suddenly I surprised when I can hear Niina Junpei from TMGS3 in that Gintama’s video XD

I searching it a little, then I found he’s voice actor is actually the same person! I’m happy to knowing that and wanted to post this~

On others Gintama’s episode, you can finding some popular seiyuu that voicing TMGS series too. You can find Ishida Akira, Koyasu Takehito, Junichi Suwabe, Midorikawa Hikaru, Suzuki Chihiro and maybe there’s still someone else that I didn’t mention it yet.

When I play TMGS3 for the first time, I supposedly to get the Arashi or Ruka Ending, but I fall in love with KondoKonno XD

Until this time, I still don’t believe what I hear, whether Konno’s voice is really that Kondo-san’s voice? lol

Yeah, I know that already- but that hard voice (Kondo) has become a very gentle and dependable-type voice (Konno) XD Yeah~ I love ossan voice though…