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In Last Two Days, Two Great Artists from Anime Industry Have Passed Away

You probably didn’t know who Kazunari Tanaka was. However, if we said that he voiced Keishin Ukai from Haikyuu!!, Hachimaki from Planets and Shinichiro Tamaki from Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion you would definitely realize how important his role in anime industry was.

Kazunari Tanaka has passed away at age of 49 from a hemorrhage in his brain stem, as reported by his Talent agency Aoni Production and Yaraon.

Michiyuki Kawashima was a vocalist and guitarist for the band called Boom Boom Satellites. According to the Boom Boom Satellites official website, Kawashima passed away on October 9th at 5:12 AM.

The 47-year-old former electronic music performer was battling a fourth relapse of his brain tumors, which were discovered in late December 2012.


I cried so hard during this part.

If you’ve heard the news, Episode 8 is the last episode in which Tanaka Kazunari played Ukai Keishin. I’m so glad he got to say this line and went out with a big flourish. Thank you for your amazing voice, and may you rest in peace.

I could never watch Haikyuu episodes the same way again. Every character has been a family to us, treasured and treated as ‘sons’. But these characters won’t feel alive had it not been voice behind them.

Kazunari Tanaka gave life to the coach who helped raise Karasuno to fly again. Thank you for all your hard work. You were the perfect Ukai-sensei. I just feel guilty that I had no idea you were battling an illness. I wish we could have known to cheer you up and support you.

May you rest in peace.


Sad news for the Haikyuu!! fandom.

Coach Ukai’s seiyuu, Tanaka Kazunari passed away yesterday, October 10, 2016, due to brain stem hemorrhage.

Official statement from Aoni Production, his agency:

“Our affiliated actor, Tanaka Kazunari (49 y/o), has passed away on October 10, the 28th Year of Heisei, due to brain stem hemorrhage. We thank everyone who showed him kindness during his lifetime.”

hngezoe  asked:

OK that scene always somehow reminds me that Kazunari Tanaka (Ukai's VA) passed away last year and I really loved the voice he gave to Ukai :((( the raspiness and THE SINGING in season 1 I'm sorry 😭


It’s honestly not going to be the same without him. His voice was so unique and one of the things I loved most about Ukai. I’ll still love Ukai obvs but it’s just going to be very different without Kazunari’s voice. VERY SAD. I’m just grateful he was able to deliver the iconic “volleyball is a sport where you’re always looking up!” line.