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TSUKISTA. TV ending - Tsukiusa. Taisou (12 People Version)

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LSW Stage Play Cast Appreciation:
     Doi Kazumi (Munakata Reisi’s actor)


[3/24/17 Tweet Translation]

Let’s make this pose popular 💓 [see 1st picture]
「Doi〜♫ Doi〜♫ Doi Kazumi〜 ☝︎ 」

Aim for a major debut  💓

I received a cake from a member of Amatou Danshi [lit: Sweet-Tooth Boys, a singing group Yuusaku is in], and I ate it with everyone  ✨
I made Dancer Riku-kun, Students Tooru-kun, Soui-kun, and Rui-kun, and Teacher Kanzan-san say “aaaaa” and open their mouths to feed them  💓


Link to the Twitter video he posted today: (x)
It’s just Yuusaku with the supporting actors all going “yay~” etc. so I’m not doing an actual translation for it.

Tsukista TV Ep 6 Summary Notes

This last episode of Tsukista TV focused on Tomotsune Yuuki, who plays Shun, and Doi Kazumi, who plays Kai. (I can’t help but notice that Blue Moon beer logo on the side of the bar in the above screencap lol). These Tsukista TV episodes were a lot of fun to watch, and it gave us more insight into the actors’ lives and personalities. Also, the Tsukiusa Taisou will be stuck in my head forever… I still haven’t written anything for the first episode yet, but that should be posted next week. I’ll put links to all 6 of my episode posts on my Scans/Translations/Misc. page once I’m finished. Thanks for reading!

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Kazumi Doi and Taiki Yamazaki as Subaru and Ayato Sakamaki.

Shortly after, Ayato promptly pulled his lil bro into a one-armed hug and gave him a noogie, taking extra care to fluff up Subaru’s hair until it resembled a bedhead. With his furious white-haired half-sibling cursing and hot in pursuit, Ayato sprinted down the halls, his gleeful cackles bouncing off the walls… before he rounded a corner and smacked into one.

2017.05.20 OEdo no Candy 2 Event and Movie Review!

I got a chance to go to another OEdo Candy event and I got to go to the showing of the new movie plus they had a butai aisatsu (stage greeting) from some of the cast after.

*PSST: if you just want to read about the stage greeting then Ctrl F and ‘Stage Greeting’. It’s at the bottom of the page/post.



Overall: This is partly what I was expecting and partly not. I was expecting it to be fantastical and romancy、 BUT I wasn’t expecting it to be so fairy-like and lots of glittery special effects and weird colour tones and such. It definitely makes it all the more magical and luckily, isn’t too distracting. Also it wasn’t as BL-y as I was under the impression of. I wish this movie had been longer. I needed and wanted more character development. The visuals were amazing, it was very funny (which I also wasn’t expecting) and the characters were great. It’s definitely an Indie-styled movie. It’s not a clean cut, it’s not professional looking, the editor purposefully leaves in real actor mistakes that happened for comic relief. BUT it’s enjoyable, fascinating and I’m glad it ended with a ‘To Be Continued’.
Rating: 7/10

Now for cast and spoiler section and everything:

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