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Kazumi Doi and Taiki Yamazaki as Subaru and Ayato Sakamaki.

Shortly after, Ayato promptly pulled his lil bro into a one-armed hug and gave him a noogie, taking extra care to fluff up Subaru’s hair until it resembled a bedhead. With his furious white-haired half-sibling cursing and hot in pursuit, Ayato sprinted down the halls, his gleeful cackles bouncing off the walls… before he rounded a corner and smacked into one.


[3/24/17 Tweet Translation]

Let’s make this pose popular 💓 [see 1st picture]
「Doi〜♫ Doi〜♫ Doi Kazumi〜 ☝︎ 」

Aim for a major debut  💓

I received a cake from a member of Amatou Danshi [lit: Sweet-Tooth Boys, a singing group Yuusaku is in], and I ate it with everyone  ✨
I made Dancer Riku-kun, Students Tooru-kun, Soui-kun, and Rui-kun, and Teacher Kanzan-san say “aaaaa” and open their mouths to feed them  💓


Link to the Twitter video he posted today: (x)
It’s just Yuusaku with the supporting actors all going “yay~” etc. so I’m not doing an actual translation for it.


Tomoyuu Bday Event (Part 1)

Photos from Tomotsune’s Birthday/Christmas Eve event!! This took place on December 23rd in two sessions. The guests for his event were: Menjo Kentaro (Hajime), Washio Shuuto (You), Doi Kazumi (Kai) and Matsumura Ryunosuke (in Heroes Musical too & he’s Kasamatsu in Knb Stage)!

A few things I read that they did (source: JP tweets):

  • The four Tsukista members there (minus Matsumura) danced to Lots of Love
  • Tomotsune sung parts of “Kimi ni Hana o, Kimi ni Hoshi o” (Tsukiuta Shun duet with Kai)
  • Tomotsune and Menjo eat out sometimes. Menjo says Tomotsune eats chicken salad quite often but his favourite is herb (no idea what this is btw)
  • All three Tsukista boys’ first impression of Tomotsune: Scary
  • Shuuto thought Tomotsune looked like an ex-yankee
  • Tomotsune said about Menjo: “I love both his characters and himself off-stage” (rough translation)
  • They sung Happy Birthday for Tomotsune
  • Menjo introduced himself in this way “Menjo Kentaro-desu, 26 years old!” and people thought it was cute

Image Sources: Menjo/Shuuto/Doi’s Twitter, Tomotsune’s Ameblo/Cheerz

[3/19/17 Video Translation] (I didn’t understand this one well, sorry T_T Feel free to correct me so I can revise this)

[Yuusaku]: Three-day weekend yayyy (idk if they’re saying “みかみ” or something else, so I assumed it meant similar to “三連休”… )

[Tsubasa]: The three-day weekend started, yay! *various yays from everyone* Kai-san, what’s your message for today? (?) 

[Kazumi]: Haru-san, happy birthday!!

[All]: Congrats, yay!!  ♫ Happy birthday, to you (Yuusaku says “Haru” instead and everyone switches over lol) Happy birthday, Haru, happy birthday dear Haru  ♫

[Tsubasa]: (in the back, flailing around) Happy birthday Haru-sannnn!!!

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TsukiSta actors in ”Tsukista TV”




[3/23/17 Tweet Translation]

The Tsukista 2nd stage 「The Legend of Tsukiuta -Yumemigusa-」Blu-ray & deluxe tokuen booklet with included soundtrack CD releases tomorrow!
Did you know the booklet has the rest of Sakamoto-san’s side story?
Let’s shout love one more time!

「Doi〜 Doi〜 Doi Kazumi〜☝️」



Lost Small World Stage Play


Visuals for TSUKIUTA. Stage TRI! SCHOOL REVOLUTION! featuring Shiwasu Kakeru (Kiyama Ryuu), Kisaragi Koi (Yokoo Lui), Shimotsuki Shun (Tomotsune Yuuki), and Fuduki Kai (Doi Kazumi) have been released!