Nana’s Top Ten Fighting Game Characters!

#7 - Kazuki Kazama (Samurai Shodown Series)

Samurai Shodown will always hold a special place in my heart.  I first played it during my high school graduation all-nighter, and I fell in love with it.  Kazuki appeared in the fourth installment.  Not one of the best games, I admit.  But he’s my fiery ninja of choice.  Why?

Exploding pants.  Seriously, he can teleport by blowing himself up, leaving a pair of pants behind to fall over.  His moves are quick and perfect for aggressive combos. His range isn’t that great, but he does make up for it with his strength.

He’s a brash warrior with a heart of gold.  He acts before he thinks, making him a little careless compared to his fellow ninjas.  He cares for his older brother Sogetsu (who is a water-based ninja) and his little sister Hazuki.

While he’s my main, another character from the series trumps him on the list.  Believe me, it was a tough choice to make.  Don’t worry, Kazuki.  We’ll always have your Suzaku blade… and your exploding pants.

top 20 peoples fave fighting game characters from june 1997
1.iori yagami
2.kyo kusanagi
4.leona heidern
5.billy kane
6.sougetsu kazama
7.emilio michaelov
7.benimaru nikaido
7.shizumaru hisame
10.kazuki kazama
11.kim kaphwan
11.ryuji yamazaki
14.shingo yabuki
15.terry bogard
16.geese howard
17.keith evans
17.richard wong
20.sakura kasugano
so this list is really just top 20 snk characters
not sure i really agree with this list