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Masterpost: Takahashi interviews

There are quite some interviews and comments from Takahashi floating around, but sometimes one can’t find just the one looking for.
Well here’s a masterpost!
It’s not complete, I posted this anyways, ‘cause you could help me find other comments and interviews on tumblr. I don’t like to upload them myself, when they are already. So please if you found another Takahashi comment, point me to it? :>

In the manga

First seven volumes

Yu-Gi-Oh! has basically become a card game manga recently
- Duelist vol. 4

um… Dad… please don’t buy cardass cards at your age…!
- Duelist vol. 5

That’s what brings me the most joy.
- Duelst vol. 6

I still haven’t fully expressed the depth of card games.
- Duelist vl. 8

And that’s how Seto Kaiba was born!
- Duelist vol.10

There’s one problem when trying to express the fun of card games in manga form.
- Duelist vol. 12

My top 10 monster cards
- Duelist vol. 14

I believe that everyone has an “other self” inside them.

And that’s the origin of Marik.

I had a stomach ulcer caused by stress.

At first I was planning to draw a horror comic!
- Millennium World vol. 5

But when a pendulum swings all the way around, it draws a circle and that is the strength of the main character.
- Millennium World vol. 6

The opponents they played were the mirrors that reflected their hearts.
- Millennium World vol. 7

As we go about our lives, we touch people, we see people, and interact with them; - last volume

Deepest thanks

From interviews

I would like all my readers to have something–one thing–that they’ll rise above others to.
- Gospel of Truth

When they lose, there is a definite meaning as to why they lost, so people who keep that in mind are likely to succeed.

Yugi, is a weak and childish boy who becomes a hero when he plays games.
- 4Kids 2002

I like the words that Yugi says to Jonouchi at the end.
- Shonen Jumb 2004

So i gave Yugi the bondage elements underneath the jacket…!
- Duel Art

It’s taking elements from the original Yu-Gi-Oh! manga, so it’ll be a lot darker of a story!
- about Darkside of Dimensions


Hellboy art exchange!

Hellboy and Yami Yugi in Bobobo

Photo of Kazuki Takahashi

To everyone in the Earthquake disaster area! I support you!

Yami Bakura insults Takahashi

Some snippets of the SDCC panel 2015

Waaaaaaiiiiiiiit… Who the heck is controlling Yugi’s body right now? They’re both touching physical objects!

With in context, it looks like Yami is the one in command at the moment. (Btw, I love this panel. Deliberating all night over a single card. That, my friends, is why he is the King of Games. XD)