Q: If GENERATIONS released a song for Valentine's Day, what would the title be?

I’m translating it so I figured I could post this stuff little by little since I already did this for one of the questions before.

Beware of really bad song titles.

“The sugar (content)” (THE Toubun)

This is a single, a single and moreover it’s the title… why?
I thought it’d sound cool
GENERATIONS form EXILE TRIBE, New single “The Toubun” ; Do you like chocolates?
I like them quite a bit
It’s true, you eat them everyday 
I don’t!

 “Godiva” (A chocolate brand)

-no really interesting comments about it sorry everyone-

The whisky bonbons you gave me” 

Ryouta: When I was little I received whisky bonbons, they were super bad and so because I was little I wasn’t able to eat them because I couldn’t understand the flavour
Hayato: Like “this is not chocolate!”
Ryouta: So I kinda ended up hating chocolate

“Gene and the chocolate factory”

*no one gives a reaction and then they start laughing*
Alan?: It just sucks to much
Hayato: Please everyone leave shitty comments about it


Hayato: *tries to ignore him and move on* Next, Yuta (laughs) Ok, The reason?
Alan: Well, Valentine’s Day is quite spread around, and when it comes to men, well there are also people who don’t really like it, so with that message…

“Sweet Fantasy ~A sweet time with you~”

Hayato: It’s the most decent one
Yuta: it sounds kinda cool


Generations from Exile Tribe’s appearance on Premium Melodix complete with english subtitles.

Special thanks to Kana a.k.a exile-3jsb-gene for the translation!