I am truly happy how far this blog has come in such a short time. While I can’t say that I am tumblr famous or even well known, I know that I have a solid following that really respects what I do and supports Marvel through and through. This time last year I had less than 20 followers and my blog was more or less dead. I was ranting and raving about love with pictures of Loki and no one cared or even responded or reblogged my stuff. Now that I’m actually doing something that I enjoy and giving everyone what they want  It has been a lot more receptive and a lot more people seem to like what I give them. Don’t worry, I won’t ever let me becoming well known get to my head because that’s not who I am. Even if I had just one follower I would treat everyone the same and always post what I like in hopes that everyone else would like it as well. I feel that people that start getting arrogant because a few people follow them are stupid and are taking what they have for granted. Saying that, I know my opinions about Marvel will not always be popular and what I post will sometimes get criticism and it is always welcomed (no matter how assholy people can be) and I encourage all of you to look at my page. Criticize it. Talk Shit. Like things. Reblog what I say and tell me why I am wrong. Or even send me messages berating me and telling me how stupid I am. Because that is what makes this fun and enjoyable. Instead of forcing my opinion down your throats you have the opportunity to say, “No Fuck you, you’re stupid and here is why,” which I love and I wish I could say that I do that more to others, but I don’t. Basically, thank you for making my experience here that much more enjoyable and I hope that I can get more followers and follow more people and just enjoy one another’s time here and be able to just talk about what we love and hold dear…MARVEL COMICS! CHEERS!