Island God and assistant combo, Kazuko Masuyoki does all she can to serve her best friend and island spirit, Muramaku. While this mentality can get them both in the line of trouble, they almost seem to constantly be looking for it.

Playstyle Speculation

Neither half of this duo can function properly without the other. While Kazu has an adaptable Oceanic Artifact at her disposal to shoot long range, as well as an actual body to utilize, Muramaku is the one who can pack a real punch with an arsenal of heavy hitting techniques. Don’t get him mad, he brings a whole meaning to the phrase “explosively angry”.

Gameplay Inspiration

Youmu Konpaku (Touhou), Electrode (Pokemon), Mario (Super Smash Brothers series), Kyouko Sakura, Megaman, Crash Bandicoot, Ice Climbers (Super Smash Brothers Melee/Brawl)0

Why did I actually spend so long on this…




woo boy that took a long time!!

Anyway, yeah, I did tarot card things of my characters because the aesthetics of the Arcana really interest me!

in orderrr

The Fool- Kam Jameson

The Devil- Nate DeSa

The Magician- Laura DeSa

The Hierophant- Kazuko Masuyoki

The Emperor- Muramaku

I am proud of these!


Burghalgeist, Alliguttar, Avalantula, and Silava Plant. I finally designed/redesigned these little assholes.

Burghalgeist is a poltergeist boss found in the city. He resides in the sewer system and attacks with various object he’s absorbed into himself, as well as using his own two hands and the sewer below.

Alliguttar is an alligator boss found in the swamp in the Illumite Woods. He’s made of tar, as his name suggests, and he attacks with sludge bombs, his claws, his teeth, and the rocks and twigs stuck in him.

Avalantula is the spider boss found on the Graupel Ridgeline. It’s a giant spider made of ice and snow who fights with icicle webbing, its feet, icy pin daggers from its mouth, and huge snowballs. 

Finally, the Silava Plant from the top of the Gusto Volcano. Of course it uses mainly the fire and lava it spews from its mouth, but also throws huge flaming rocks from within the volcano, as well as summons pillars of flame to attack.


Kazu and Mura (aka Island-A-Toll) plot bosses.

these little bastards used to look terrible

External image
External image

so i fixed it

and as you can see, Burghalgeist didn’t even exist back then so yeah.


Like I said, I doodled up an IG for Povelgia and gave him a backstory

An older island, Poveglia had a strange history, but saw its heyday in the 9th century. Population booming, Belief Rate sky high, its god, Povesteli couldn’t foresee a thing going wrong.

Yet in 1793, the island lost its hearty population to be converted into a confinement center. The mentally ill, the plagued, the criminally insane, these were the island’s new inhabitants. Angry at this development, Povesteli lashed out at his rulers, how dare they say what would be done on his land without his permission. At this point, only those who he could trick into believing in him would. Unable to look a single person in the eye with his low Belief Rate, he had no choice but to hide his face like the other failures in the Atlantic.

By 1968, Palanhi demanded Poveglia be listed as a deserted island, stripping him of any form of islander ill or otherwise. His land soaked with death and disease, he began to go insane, going so far as to forget his own name and status, two things he held so high in passed days. Currently, no human is allowed to step foot on Poveglia. Perhaps it is for the best, they say all you can hear upon it is the whimpered pleas of faith from a long since silenced voice.