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Cr: VS Arashi 27.07.2017 めざましテレビ report, Arashi ni Shiyagare 22.07.2017, 29.07.2017

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Heyeyeyey i just found this blog cuz the recent post with another person who discovered your blog and i screamed cuz your art is amazing and i get inspiree by the poses and the deadpool chanyeol and im crYING and maybe maybe if you have time for a lil even a sketch of a chanbaek if you're still open to requestssss-

fhehefklzklef thank you💙💙 i swear yall are always too nice ;;;;

also yes requests are still open, you can send them here !

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Yes please! Pink Shin-chan and Pink Kazu-chan, with a female s/o. Thank you!

I’m sorry, I got lazy so I just did Midorima! You’re free to request Takao separately if you’d like~

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Your nose scrunched up at the sight of the tall male, “What are you doing in here?”

It wasn’t that you hated him; he was your soulmate. But you were an artist, being around him was dangerous enough— once a person is near their soulmate, they lose the sight of colors. Unless you kiss them they’ll come back once they’re out of your sight though.

“My lucky item is paint today, I had none at home and they ran out in the store,” he made up an excuse, looking at your painting with scrunched eyes as he tried to guess what colors graced the canvas. It took him a moment to notice that you were already holding out a tube of acrylic paint for him.

He accepted it with a sigh, placing it by his side as he took the seat next to you, “How long do you plan on avoiding me?”

He noticed the tension rising in the room as you placed down your brush, swirling it inside its cup, “Forever? I can’t afford losing the ability to see colors, I’m an artist! I don’t even know you well enough to tell whether or not I’d even consider throwing away the only thing that makes me good at what I am.”

“Unless we kiss, you won’t lose your ability to see colors,” he commented, shifting slightly before he adjusted his glasses by pushing them up the bridge of his nose, “I won’t force you into anything. We’ve known about this since high school and we’re adults now. All I’m asking for is a chance.”

Your hand went out for your neck as you began massaging it, “Why, do you like me that much that you’re willing to come to my store and beg for me?”

The green haired male’s cheeks turned a scarlet shade as he denied it straight away, “I merely needed my lucky item. The fact that I had a bone to pick with you because my mother forced me to do it is simply a nuisance along the way.”

You scoffed, crossing your arms in front of your chest, “Your mom made you? And I’m supposed to believe that? Honestly, you don’t seem worth my colors.”

With his brows raised in shock and his mouth slightly agape, the male remained speechless.

“I’ll show you just how worthy I am if you give me a chance, (Last name)-san,” his voice dropped for an octave as he leaned in, grasping your chin gently. Thank the heavens that neither of you could see colors at that point because you had both turned into tomatoes.

“Alright, one chance,” you muttered, moving his hand away as you hoped that he couldn’t hear your raging heartbeat. You passed him your visit card, scooting him out of the store, “Don’t blow it. Now please leave, I really have to finish that painting.”

As dumbfolded as he was, the male just shook his head, glancing at the card that you gave him. He has liked you since high school; he attended every exhibition you ever had, he had seen you smiling and he had seen you crying. You were best friends before you hit the delicate age of 18. That’s when you started avoiding him to the best of your ability; that’s when you started losing the sight of colors whenever you’d see him.

“You’re making this difficult for me, Shin-chan,” he remembered you crying, “I care about you, but art is my passion. I’m not ready to throw it away this early on, I don’t want to live wondering what could have happened had I pursued my dream.”

“I understand; I’ll wait for you. I’ll never force you into anything you don’t want me to.”

Since he was 18 he made sure to remain close to you, he wanted you to remember what you once felt for him. He wanted you to remember it because he never forgot- you were both 27 years old now and he wanted to know if he was truly barking up the wrong tree.

He buried his face in his palms; how could it be the wrong tree when it’s you?

The date night finally came and it was everything that he hoped for. You looked stunning, not a single trace of paint on you as your cheeks practically radiated warmth. He had no place to judge, he was probably even worse.

The conversations started off as random bickering, sarcastic comments and eye rolls but  they ended with fond memories of your high school days. You made it a goal for yourself that night to embarrass him as much as possible about the attitude he had back then.

He remembered laughing. He remembered laughing a lot.

The male woke up next morning, his lips curling upwards at the sight of your message.
“You didn’t blow it.”

Ever since, you made sure to make time to meet up with him as often as possible. He started bringing you your lucky items just like he did when you were young. You’d protest and roll your eyes at him, but it didn’t stop the man.

Two years had passed and you became incredibly close with Midorima. However, that didn’t change the fact that you still avoided his advances like the black plague. You noticed how his eyes would glance away remorsefully whenever you’d flinch away. It made sense, you were being cruel.

At that point you were aware that he wasn’t bothered by the fact that you wouldn’t kiss him- it bothered him that your work was still more important to you than he was. He never mentioned it, he’d switch the topic and move on, but you knew.

Art was your first true love, it hurt you that you had to let it go.

You made a decision. One more exhibition. One more and you were done.

You wanted to keep it a surprise for him; you wanted to call him up to the stage and kiss him in front of the cameras at the opening.  True, he’d probably kill you for putting him in such an embarrassing spot but you wanted the world to know that you were one and the same.

So you can imagine the fear washing you over upon having to drag his seemingly unconscious body to the shore as the moon acted as your only guide. The stupid giant was too proud to admit that he doesn’t know how to swim! He tried to go in as deep as possible while you were afar and it almost cost him his life!

“Shintarou, wake up!” you tried pressing onto his chest in hopes of getting him to open his eyes, “Don’t scare me like this, wake-up!”

You could feel tears streaming down your face as you felt your hands shaking.

You pressed your lips upon his, doing your best to perform mouth-to-mouth as adequately as possible.

You were scared, shaken and alone.

Wake up, wake up, wake up! Please, Shintarou! I’m begging you!

Finally, he opened his eyes and you heard the long-awaited coughing fit as you let out a sigh of relief.

You pulled him upwards, patting his back in order to help him get it all out, “You scared me! I almost lost you—I kept pressing  your chest and you weren’t responding and then when I tried mouth to mouth you were still out cold! Do you—do you have any idea how scared I was?! Next time you don’t know something, tell me, we’re in this together, you prideful jerk!”

Midorima kept one of his arms wrapped around you, his eyes widened in shock.

“Mouth-to-mouth? You- (Name), you lost your—“ his voice was filled with sorrow and you knew he was going to start apologizing. Before he even had a chance to utter anything remotely similar to an apology, you slapped him before pulling him into a bone crushing hug, your form still shaking.

“I don’t care, stupid! The very fact that I could have lost you, even in theory, is much worse! Don’t you dare do this to me ever again!” you cried out, feeling his warm arms wrapping around you with a firm grasp as you finally felt safe.

The sea was gently crashing against the shore, your heartbeats were synced into one and you found yourself being able to calm down.

“I refuse to accept that out first kiss took place was while I was out cold; let me show you what a true kiss is,” the male growled before gently laying you down on the sand, his hands supporting him by your sides as he hovered above you.

“The ocean will get jealous of how wet I’ll get you.”

hit me up if you’d like a nsfw continuation ;)

I genuinely hope that this is alright because I’m not into the simple aus where they just have the same tattoo and they immediately fall in love once they figure that out. Feedback is appreciated, thanks for requesting~


I just returned from my vacation, and was COMPLETELY stoked to see my Jinroh deck had arrived WAY before the allotted deliver time! I’m a little late to this train but I thought I’d post a couple of (shitty) pics of what came in the box. I so wish I had a scanner and a better camera, but what can you do? Tbh, I have no fucking clue how to play, but the art is mesmerizing (especially of Mephisto because I’m a slut for official Mephisto art…)

Top two: Full deck and box

Below top two: Hero’s

Three across: Villains, Neutrals, ref cards, instruction booklet, and a little card from Kato-sensei!

Bottom four: Close up shots of the front and back of ref cards, close up of instruction book, and the page explaining Mephisto’s card (the fuckin’ diva got a whole page to himself).

Oofuri 137, text translations

*this chapter is amazing!!! please discuss it with me*

Author’s note: The other day when I idly tried to whip cream until I made a hole, I was impressed to get foam in the blink of an eye. I’ve been hesitating to buy a hand mixer for nearly 10 years, but with this won’t be able to make up my mind for a while again. (it’s lost on me since i have no interst in cooking and esp sweets)

Chapter 137. The 4 Cities Tournament 8

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Chanyeol: Nice hands Baekhyun: ? Chanyeol: I bet they look better wrapped around my- Suho, bursting in: BIBLE, HANDS WRAPPED AROUND HIS BIBLE, PRAISE THE LORD, AMEN.

kazu-chans said: Someone: Are you practicing homosexual? Litteraly everyone in exo: i dont need practice i’m already skilled in homosexual

kazu-chans said: Kyungsoo: I’m feelin pretty good. —– Kyungsoo: *ten minutes later* i have never been ok in my life may i please embrace death

kazu-chans said: Chanyeol: Hey pssst, bro, i have a secret? — Baekhyun: What bro? —- Chanyeol: I have a secret — Baekhyun: Bro, whats the secret? — Chanyeol: Its a secret bro

kazu-chans said: Chanyeol: Hey bro would you marry me if i asked you bro? —– Baekhyun: I’d marry the shit out of you bro —– Chanyeol: Cool bro

kazu-chans said: Baekhyun: Yes sir! — Chanyeol: Dont call me that- —– Baekhyun: Yes ma'am!


  • Jinpachi: So you're Kazu, huh?
  • Heath: Is he the new pretty boy?
  • Kisumi: Welcome to the club!
  • Miyuki: Another brunette?
  • Kise: Ready to break some hearts?
  • Kazu: Uuuh...sure?
  • Oikawa: Guys! Shut up for a second! Kazu-chan, before you join us there is something you should have. Something every pretty boy should have.
  • Kazu: An obnoxious, arrogant attitude?

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Hi I'm a bit new to Tumblr but I love your moodboards! They're awesome. Do you have any favourite mutuals or blogs that you can recommend?

@xingmi4life@babyboydae @kazu-chans @religiousk-pop @killingxkaila @just-call-me-kpop-trash some moodboard blogs i can recommend are @confessionsofashyfangirl @bluenoceur @kpop-stole-my-lyfe and if you want more @kmoodboardnet has a list of moodboard creators

and finally some fanfic writers I’d recommend are @kpoppsluff @exosmutxoxo @nunchiwrites @kpopfanfiction @igotjamsbts Hope this helped //anyone tagged, please feel free to add on!

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Heey ! I really love your fanfics *_* (by the way, my english is very bad D:) Could you write that the GOM + Kagami + Takao see how someone is flirting with their s/o and they go ballistic ? It would be very nice !! Thank you c:

No way! Your English isn’t bad!! I hope you’ll enjoy this!! <3


Generation of Miracles

Despite Kise’s overwhelming popularity and the fact that girls always flirt with him, he could never take it when he sees a guy near you.

“Hey, _____-chan, you look amazing today,” one of your classmate said, sitting down on the chair in front of you.

You forced a smile and nodded.

“Thank you.”

“I have never really noticed but you have really big eyes.”

You stilled for a moment, not knowing what to say to break the awkward atmosphere.

“What are you doing with _____-cchi!” Kise suddenly barged into the classroom, a frown on his face.

He quickly pulled you to him possessively and pouted.

Despite his jealousy, you were actually glad that he turned up to break up the scene.

“I was just…” your classmate tried to protest but Kise stepped up quickly in front of you.

“_____-cchi is mine and I won’t forgive anyone who tries to steal _____-cchi away from me.”

Upon hearing that, the females in the classroom immediately sighed and your classmate quickly backed away, red with embarrassment.

You turned to him with a smile on your face.

“Were you jealous?”

“Yes, I was very jealous. Can you not let guys stand so close to you?” he growled, crushing you to his chest with a pout.

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