I just want all the deancas kisses:

  • eskimo kisses
  • french kisses
  • forehead kisses
  • hand kisses
  • neck kisses
  • hipbone kisses
  • nose kisses
  • eyelids kisses
  • tummy kisses
  • inner thigh kisses (tickles but also turns you on and are the best)
  • back kisses ( from the nape of the neck and so low as possible )
  • and kisses between smiles and tears of joy, desperate kisses and slow kisses, sweet kisses and hungry kisses
In the dark confines of my sleep station, with the droopy eyelids of pending sleep, I see the flashing fairies. As I drift off, I wonder, how many can dance on the head of an orbital pin.
—  Don Pettit, NASA astronaut,describing a phenomena result of space life:  Seeing strange flashes of light, even with one’s eyes tightly shut. This is due to cosmic rays zipping through the astronaut’s eyeballs and messing with their optic nerve, making them think they are seeing bright, luminous spots where they don’t exist….

when Cas can’t sleep, he likes watching Dean snoring quietly next to him, he combs the hair over Dean’s forehead and trace the features of his face, eyebrows, cheekbones, nose, mouth, chin and all the way to the freckled ears then repeats the process with his lips, feather like kisses that made Dean twitch his face in his sleep. Sometimes he pulls back the sheets a little to caress the freckles of his shoulder, to kiss his neck and breathe his scent. Dean sighs and Cas sighs and smiles, Noses almost touching, he closes his eyes and rest his hand over Dean’s heart, heartbeats under his palms lures him to sleep.

Castiel can’t use his hands to heal wounds anymore, very little remains of that stolen grace, so Cas kisses Dean. At first is only a brief press of the lips on his forehead, but the way Dean closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, eyelashes resting on flushed cheeks, makes Cas’s lips linger more and more on Dean’s skin.  His kisses purify and heal, give warmth to cold limbs and aching hands, clear Dean’s head of dark thoughts and doubts. Maybe Cas kisses are addictive, maybe that’s why one day Dean turns his head to chase Cas’s lips with his own, and he finds out his kisses  taste like summer breeze and roses and sweet cherries.  Cas kisses him back and his breath cleans and relieves pain, helps him to breathe and heal his ribs, draws blessings with his tongue into Dean’s mouth and every kiss is like a prayer.

Don’t tell me you can’t imagine climbing slowly over him, very quiely, trying not to wake him, hovering over his body and then pressing yourself against him, feeling all the soft and hard places, your legs over his legs, your groin against his butt, your breasts against his back, your arms against his arms, and then rubbing your cheek against his cheek, leaving a kiss behind his ear… oh god

i feel the hand holding and the whispering between Jensen and Misha on JIBcon in my very soul. You know why? Because I have a secret relationship with a friend in a group of friends and we do that. we take every chance we get to touch each other without the rest of the group noticing. Under the table when we are having dinner, when we go clubbing and we sneak to the bar to order drinks, we put our hands close and sublty we touch hands. Especially on clubs, when we are dancing, our friend thinks we are talking close because of the music but we are whispering what we are gonna do the other in bed that night or: I wish I could kiss you right now. So yeah cockles is real. have a nice day BYE

wow Dean Winchester is so amazing, it blows my mind how wonderful a fictional character can be, even when he is writen by monkeys with typewriters whipped by the troll that is Bob Singer. Dean  Winchester continues to be amazing, layered, complex and Jensen Ackles excellence compensate the sloppy writing and lack of originality. or maybe it doesn’t but it’s the only reason why I’ve watched Supernatural these last two years. Dean Winchester