kazrec stormclaw

The Eternal Flames

Kazrec stepped up to the Mystic Forge, his body tense from excitement. After all his hard work and sacrifice, it was finally time! He would finally claim his ultimate weapon. He raised his voice and called out, “Zommoros! I, Kazrec Stormclaw, summon you!”

The mystic forge frothed with arcane energies and swirled with multi-colored light. There was a pause, then a booming voice echoed forth, “Speak, Charr, what do you seek?”

Kazrec spread his arms wide, “I seek the eternal flames of the Incinerator.”

Zommoros was silent for a moment, “Another mortal who seeks the Eternal Flame…Tell me, Charr, have you proof of your worthiness?”

Kazrec nodded. “I do.” He drew forth a golden mug, frothing forth with a mystical brew. “I have fought and honed my skills in countless battles. I have traveled the four corners of Tyria, from the darkest depths to the highest peaks. The proof of my mastery, all my experience and perseverance, I hereby present to you.”

Kazrec tossed the Gift of Mastery into the Forge. It stopped midflight and hung in the air above the Forge’s twisting depths, suspended by an unknown power.

Kazrec then took out a weathered stone from his pocket. It lit the area with a soft green light, humming quietly with power. “I have sought my fortune, setting out across the world. Every good turn, every lucky day, every smile that Fate gave me. It is here, in this stone. A testament to the good fortune I have been blessed with.”

Kazrec threw the Gift of Fortune into the Forge as well. It sailed a few inches before it too joined the Gift of Mastery in mid-air.

The Mystic Forge rumbled as Zommoros spoke once more. “You have indeed proven your mastery and fortune, Charr. But there is yet more you require. Fortune and Mastery prove your worth, but now the weapon needs to be given form and have life breathed into it.”

Kazrec smiled, “I know. I have it here, Zommoros.” Kazrec then took out a golden idol in the shape of a flaming dagger. “Here is the material that will give Incinerator form. Metal and Flame joined together in perfect harmony, infused with the power of many runestones.”

He tossed this into the Mystic Forge as well and it hovered in mid-air. As the Gift of Incinerator hovered, the Gifts of Fortune and Mastery began to circle slowly around it, humming softly.

Kazrec then pulled out a golden dagger, with a curved crossguard and a blade like a spike. “Here is the spark to start the flame. A Spark to ignite the world in everlasting fire. Now it will give life to Incinerator!”

Kazrec held out Spark toward the Mystic Forge. An invisible force picked it up from his hands and pulled it into the center of the Forge. The arcane ebbing of the Forge began to swirl faster and faster as Zommoros spoke, “Then I present to you the Incinerator, the eternal flames of passion and fury. Wield it well, Kazrec Stormclaw.”

The Gifts of Mastery and Fortune became shining lights; their essence ripped apart by Zommoros and then infused into the floating Spark. Then the Gift of Incinerator began to fuse with Spark, melding together into one weapon. The dragon’s head-shaped hilt gradually took shape; its eyes alight with inner flame.

Once the weapon was finished, it floated forward and Kazrec caught it. Eyes bright with excitement, he gave it a deft twirl and ignited the weapon. Spinning around, he swung and jabbed at invisible enemies, testing its weight and speed.

With a final flourishing strike, Kazrec let loose a blast of fire into the air, much to the surprise of the people in the plaza. Grinning with triumph, Kazrec announced to the crowd, “The Incinerator is mine!”


I know people were upset to see Human T3 available for all races to use, but I’ll readily admit that I really love the new armor skins.

The firey motif to the armor goes perfectly on my beloved Charr Elementalist. Especially with my daggers :D

Looks like my spoiled Charr baby has another armor set to play around with. :3

(Skirmir: you were right about me not sticking with the previous armor for more than a few weeks, but can you really blame me? A new update was right around the corner after all! xD)


At long last. I have crafted my second Incinerator! And I must say, seeing dual Incinerators on my Charr Elementalist is a badass sight indeed.

Only the best for my spoiled charr baby!

Now I can safely say that I’m truly satisfied. I don’t think I’ll be going for any more legendaries anytime soon. Time to just kick back, relax and work on that Celestial set. I can also turn my attention to doing things like Living Story, Fractals and helping friends and Guildies with dungeons. I think I’ll definitely try to get the Dungeon Master title now that the legendary grind is over.

Thanks to all my friends and guildies who supported me and helped me along the way!! You are all amazing and a joy to hang out with.

To all my followers and friends: I wish you all the happiest of holidays and a very merry Wintersday!

This year was quite the roller coaster ride, as well as being my first year on this site. It’s had its ups and downs, but I don’t regret a single moment of it.

Thanks so much to all of my friends and followers for being around and putting up with my silliness. I love you all. :3


He knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you’re awake (He’s Ash Legion). He knows if you’ve been good or bad, so be GOOD for goodness sake!

Kazrec Stormclaw and I have been getting into the holiday spirit.I’m really looking forward to the Wintersday celebrations!

To start the celebration, he will be handing out big snuggly Santa hugs for everyone who asks!


I was in a musical mood, so I picked up the new Boombox and Flute for Kazrec. Spent the evening jammin’ to some rockin’ beats in Lion’s Arch with guildies and random people.

Then Kazrec set about the task of serenading his mate, Elemental Atmos with his new flute. My good friend Avalise was there with rose petals to help with the romantic mood.

Watch out Tyria, D.J. Kaz is coming at ya!


I’m really loving the new Ancestral Outfit on Kazrec and judging by that smile on his face, I’d say he likes it too ;)

That dragon on the charr’s tail is a really nice touch and I’m so glad to see ANet putting some thought towards charr when coming up with new skins.

It would be nice to see this on female charr too….but oh well…I have only male charr anyways.

Maybe this means we’ll be getting Cantha sometime in the future?! (ANet plz)