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Once again Jazzpancakes has blown my socks off with her amazing designs. This is The Fox from Kazooland High. He’s the middle child of the Brass Bolts Mafia. The pretty one. He’s quick and agile on his feet. Not the smartest in the bunch but he’s brave and not afraid to speak his mind. He may take some shit from Smokes but if its something he wants to do he’ll do it. 

I absolutely love the hair omg. AND THE TEETH! THAT SMILE!!! THE EYES! 

Every Dog Has its Day

Smokes pushed past his brothers who were trying to calm him down. Jimmy was to distraught to do much. Standing behind Fox who was pushing Smokes back with both arms on his chest.

“WHERE IS HE?” Smokes growled, trying to get in Benji’s face. He snarled. The three standing outside of the lab. “Tell me what happened!” He was trying so desperately hard to keep himself under control. His eyes flickering red. Fidget would hate for him to lose it. To lose it here, now. After everything he had done to try and help Smokes control it. But without Fidget….

“Smokes…” Jimmy sniffled, holding his arm back. “Please stop! It was an accident!”

“This ain’t no accident Jimmy.” Smokes dragged his younger brother behind him. “Your little friend better hope I don’t find him. Or I’m ripping his core out and making him choke on it.”

“Smokes pl-”

“DO YOU HEAR ME JAMES!” His eyes darkened, throwing Jimmy on the floor hard. Fox ran to Jimmy, trying to help him back up. Unusually silent. It was so rare that the brothers fought like this. He didn’t want to pick sides, he was worried about everyone. “I’m serious. I’m fucking serious James.” He used the name again, sounding more and more like boss. “You better hope he doesn’t poke his ginger head around here again. Or I’ll finish him off myself.”

Jimmy let out a whimper, then gasped. Forcing himself to his feet and clenching his fists. “FIDGET’S MY FRIEND TOO OKAY!” His angry words taking everyone by surprise. Smokes blinked a few times, wide eyed. “I didn’t want him to get hurt… I didn’t want… anyone to get hurt. Okay! Mika’s… he’s not thinking right. WE DON’T GET MAD AT YOU WHEN YOU GO RED!” He tried to reason.

“When I-” Smokes paused, his anger fading. Having to defend himself against Jimmy? When did that ever happen. “When I go red… I don’t hurt you guys… I would never… hurt my friends.”

“That’s what you say now.” Jimmy snapped back.

“Jims… Smokes… stop… please. Everyone’s just… upset…” Fox stood between them, trying to calm each side down.

“… You could just as easily do the same thing to Fidget…” Jimmy relaxed, hanging his head as he turned to leave. “Mika didn’t mean it… I… I know he didn’t…” He clenched his tiny brass fists tighter. “I’ll prove he didn’t!” Suddenly darting off out of the house and down the hill.

“Jimmy wait!” Fox started to run after him.

“Leave him Foxy.” Smokes just shook his head, turning back to Benji. “He’s gotta realize… not everyone whose his ’friend’ is actually his friend.” Turning now he faced Benji, stern faced again. “I wanna talk to him.”

Pouting Fox watched as Jimmy ran off. He really really hoped Jimmy was right.


Okay here’s Jimmy Blue Eyes from Kazooland High fic. This wonderful arts is Jazzpancakes. Its still a wip but somebody asked who these new guys were. 

Jimmy is the youngest of the Brass Bolts Mafia. And contrary to his name is eyes are actually green. This is a running gag from their Boss.

~Jazzy I hope this is okay. I’m just… I can’t keep his cute little face to myself.

Brass Bolt Mafia's Tumblr!!!



Well Jazz and I have given our Kazooland High Brass Bolt Mafia boys their own tumblr! That’s right! The boys will answer your asks, post arts of themselves, and might even keep you updated on their daily lives.

(I’m not sure about rping as of yet but we will see)

We are still working some kinks out but please don’t be afraid to send an ask or submit fanarts! I really love these boys. They are Jazzpancakes and mines babies so be nice!

Taggs for them are:
Brass Bolt Mafia, Jimmy blue eyes, Smokes, The Fox, Kazooland High

Kazooland High Ch. 15: When Clouds Cry

{Boss is quickly losing his temper and soon Smokes’ punishment is going to be Fox and Jimmy’s. The boys now desperate to get their brother back. Spine realizes Hatchworth’s gone missing. And we meet a new friend to the Brass Bolts. There is Drug use in this chapter.}


Song: Hey You

Artist: Pink Floyd

Song: Royals
Artist: Lorde

Previous Ch. 14: Assault of the Storm

Fox gasped, dodging another thrown bottle. Hiding underneath the table in the kitchen as Boss continued on his tirade. They had been home for hours. His repairs painfully finished. Boss had started drinking while he waited for Smokes to bring his ‘sorry ass’ through that door. But he never did. As the hours passed Boss grew more and more angry, and Jimmy and Fox were suffering the brunt of it.

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{{GUESS WHAT EVERYONE! Smokes is being nice and is going to answer your questions in gif forms. That’s right. You’ll see his face as he reacts to your questions. I’m telling you this now so you guys can send them in and he can read them. Probably will be posting his responses on Thursday or Friday. I can’t wait. He’s being such a trooper…. when he wants to be.}}

Kazooland High Ch. 17: A General's Sacrafice

{Smokes tries to go red after Boss, but soon realizes how trapped he really is. Having to make a deal with the devil to ensure his brother’s safety. Pappy finally asks Spine whats going on.}

Song: Messenger of Destruction/Immoral Melody aka. Kuja’s Theme
Artist: Nobou Uematsu Final Fantasy IX OST

Song: My December
Artist: Linkin Park

Song: Hurt
Artist: N.I.N.

Previous Chapter 16: The Best Crypt Secrets

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Kazooland High Chapter 10: Coming Undone

{{Its been so long I forgot how to upload to everything… D: sorry if there are coding errors or things. Sorry for the long hiatus! I’m back now. Spent a good week writing this, hope its alright. Smokes has turned into my new favorite. He’s not taking things well and that’s becoming quite obvious to his brothers. Its always believed he’s the leader, taking care of them, but what about when he needs to be taken care of?}}

Previous Chapter 9: Connections

Also I was asked to put some suggested listening. So there you go. :3
Suggested Music listening:
Song: Schism
Artist: Tool
Song: Coming Undone
Artist: KoRn
Song: Rin’ne
Artist: Elfen Lied OST

It was third period study hall. Spine sat at his desk in the computer lab in the library. The room was slightly sectioned off from the rest of the space. About 20 computers sat at separate desks facing one wall. Only half of them were in use at the time. Mostly by students, like Spine, who used their study hall to prepare for upcoming exams or write papers.

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