That Sinking feeling you get as you watch the Kazon fly away in that place you keep your Coffee. Don’t worry Captain, in a few small hours you’ll be sat around a campfire enjoying a nice warm cup of Hogans uniform!

This took the longest time to paint! I thought I was going to go blind… please share generously!

Captain Janeway, not the greatest fan of the Kazon

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I’m with Janeway on this one, I couldn’t stand the Kazon, frankly I’d like to see them come up against a species like the Romulan or Klingon Empires - then they’d be slapped into their place.

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Focusing on interiors now for Sketching/Design for Environment. First pass at my interiors. Lots of mistakes and design flaws. So will revise for second pass this weekend! It’s been a great learning experience. 

Caffeine Song: David Banner ft. Denim - Dance the Night Away (Watched Footloose remake a few nights ago… Really wanna go line dancing or clubbing now haha) YEEE HAAAWWW!

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[ cannot adequately express my loathing for the Kazon on Voyager. They’re uninteresting, silly-looking, and completely unbelievable as a real threat to the Voyager crew. Seska is pretty compelling, but I wish the writers had given her better Voyager “enemies” to align herself with. I feel like she was too clever to team up with such dummies!]

I’m currently taking Sketching for Environment and Design with Charles Lee at Kazone Art Academy.  It’s been a fun class. We were given the freedom to design whatever we wanted. So I came in with the mindset of… “Let’s draw a f**king church/institution because It’ll be freaking hard! I’ll learn a lot from it.”

Once I started drawing it… I was like, “WTF! WAS I THINKING??? THIS IS SO FREAKING TEDIOUS AND ANNOYING!!” (Flips tables). But… In the end I was able to get through my first pass and I learned a lot from it. Most importantly… For me, it built up my confidence, especially since I’ve never drawn buildings before.

The drawing’s a lil rough around the edges… Ok maybe not a lil’ rough. REALLY rough. This is my first pass at the design for my building. Going to take another 2 more passes at it and make sure it’s a clean strong piece to have for show.  

I messed up on the perspective. For some reason when I was planning it I decided to go with 3 point only to end up doing 2 point. So it’s a mix of 2-3 point perspective which threw off the image. Second, I will not use warm/cool markers to lay-in unless i’m drawing in pen. The markers are showing up way too much and over powers the graphite. Oh well, live and learn as I say. I failed, I learned, I will do better next time. 

Thanks for checking it out! 

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[I often find myself wondering why some of the aliens didn’t want to join VOYAGER convoy style. Why a Kazon group didn’t shadow the ship through the Quadrant is beyond me. Why some of the Talaxian people didn’t join up like Neelix is confusing. It is truly the great flaw in many Star Trek stories that only HUMANS are interested in exploration and adventure. Many of the weaker stories of the series could have been trashed if we were dealing with a growing colony in transit.]