That Sinking feeling you get as you watch the Kazon fly away in that place you keep your Coffee. Don’t worry Captain, in a few small hours you’ll be sat around a campfire enjoying a nice warm cup of Hogans uniform!

This took the longest time to paint! I thought I was going to go blind… please share generously!

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[I often find myself wondering why some of the aliens didn’t want to join VOYAGER convoy style. Why a Kazon group didn’t shadow the ship through the Quadrant is beyond me. Why some of the Talaxian people didn’t join up like Neelix is confusing. It is truly the great flaw in many Star Trek stories that only HUMANS are interested in exploration and adventure. Many of the weaker stories of the series could have been trashed if we were dealing with a growing colony in transit.]

Hey, remember that time Janeway and Tuvok were sure they had a spy on the ship, giving information to Seska and the Kazon?

Remember how they came up with a plan to use a double-agent type deal to get info from the Kazon?

Remember how Janeway decided to use Tom? Because it would be plausible to everyone for him to self-destruct (and he acted like a punk for months as part of the con, further alienating himself from the crew) and leave Voyager but she knew she could trust him? Even when she didn’t know who the traitor was, she knew she could trust Tom Paris. 


itsgoodtobeming replied to your post “A post about Ocampa”

It would be kind of cool if the Ocampa, because of their compressed lifespans, could work out just a few times and be totally jacked (for an Ocampa). Like, when the Kazon storm Voyager, this little Pokemon shows up, rocks back on her tail… then BOOM, springs up and double-kicks one in the sternum (or whatever your reimagined Kazon have) and scurries away.

Haha, Kazon are one of my “Literally a ______” species. In this case: scorpion. A scorpion with dog toys glued all over it (it’s explaining the joke I know, but just in case: a reference to how Kazon hair was made lol). Realistically an Ocampa couldn’t stand against something that would give a Klingon a hard time but

It’s pretty great to imagine Kes the jacked up pokemon delivering some kind of decimating double-kick. It’d totally be the scene in Zootopia where Judy uses momentum from bouncing off the ring to kick her opponent in training, only… with Kes instead. I would love that lmao.


@fatdragonquest lmao yea, it’s Voyager that SUCKS… it was supposed to be the antithesis of DS9–constant travel and finding completely new things, but instead it just SUCKED. I mean?? how fucking weak are the Kazon?? it’s lame and Janeway makes bad choices!!

@keyop oh my god I know you love the spirit but. Nana Visitor was Destined for Deep Space Nine and she really is part of the core of the show so like, thank god, because DS9 is basically some of the best television made EVER. But dam now I really gotta watch that Spirit movie 

Remember when the only times Kathryn Janeway encountered sexism were when she was confronted with a backward disgusting species like the Kazon and other than that, being a female captain never was any biggie?

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[ cannot adequately express my loathing for the Kazon on Voyager. They’re uninteresting, silly-looking, and completely unbelievable as a real threat to the Voyager crew. Seska is pretty compelling, but I wish the writers had given her better Voyager “enemies” to align herself with. I feel like she was too clever to team up with such dummies!]

Focusing on interiors now for Sketching/Design for Environment. First pass at my interiors. Lots of mistakes and design flaws. So will revise for second pass this weekend! It’s been a great learning experience. 

Caffeine Song: David Banner ft. Denim - Dance the Night Away (Watched Footloose remake a few nights ago… Really wanna go line dancing or clubbing now haha) YEEE HAAAWWW!