Ten-year-old Polish girl named Kazimiera Mika mourns over her sister’s body. She was killed by German machine-gun fire while picking potatoes in a field outside Warsaw, Poland, in September of 1939. 

-Photographer Julien Bryan described the scene: “As we drove by a small field at the edge of town we were just a few minutes too late to witness a tragic event, the most incredible of all. Seven women had been digging potatoes in a field. There was no flour in their district, and they were desperate for food.

Suddenly two German planes appeared from nowhere and dropped two bombs only two hundred yards away on a small home. Two women in the house were killed. The potato diggers dropped flat upon the ground, hoping to be unnoticed. After the bombers had gone, the women returned to their work. They had to have food. But the Nazi fliers were not satisfied with their work. In a few minutes they came back and swooped down to within two hundred feet of the ground, this time raking the field with machine-gun fire. Two of the seven women were killed. The other five escaped somehow.

While I was photographing the bodies, a little ten-year old girl came running up and stood transfixed by one of the dead. The woman was her older sister. The child had never before seen death and couldn’t understand why her sister would not speak to her… The child looked at us in bewilderment. I threw my arm about her and held her tightly, trying to comfort her.

She cried. So did I and the two Polish officers who were with me…

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Lived long enough to become the villain

The safety of the gun had been taken off as she pointed it at Kazia “You really have bad timing darling” Fire said with a wicked smile “I thought I would have a little bit more time with you before having to destroy you”

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Rory was sitting in the common room with Amelia asleep on his chest. He was covered in candy wrappers had two bottles by him and a few dirty dippers on the floor. There were dark circles under his eyes from being left to deal with a cranky baby.

He sighed shoving another piece of candy in his mouth and picking up the xbox controller again. He didn’t dare move any slight bit in fear of waking AJ. She was being a light sleeper and a little shit. He wasn’t expecting anyone to come around because of some big meeting everyone but him was told to be at. So when someone got off the elevator he raised a brow waiting for them to come into view.

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NAME :   Kazimiera Lily Stawski-Hackle
AGE :   Eighteen
GENDER :   CIS female
ORIENTATION :   Bisexual/Pansexual/Unknown
PROFESSION :  College Student and Main baker/manager at Lassis Bakery in NY

HAIR :   Blonde
HEIGHT :   5′5′’

 Deceased except for her abusive aunt and a missing second cousin
ANY PETS? :   YES  [ X ]   ||   NO  [  ]
   5 / 10
SPEED :   4 / 10  
  Yellow, Blue, Green
SMELLS :  Coffee/Tea freshly baked cookies, Lavander 
FOOD : all foods ( except for TV dinners )
DRINKS :  Hot tea, cold tea, hot coffee, cold coffee, pop/soda… lottsa things
ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES? :   YES  [  ] || RARELY  [ X ]  || NO  [  ]
FAVORITES : Chocolate Chip Cookies, Cupcakes, Lasagna

SMOKES ? :  
YES  [  ]   ||   NO  [ X ]   ||   OCCASIONALLY [ ]
DRUGS ? :   YES  [  ]   ||   NO  [ X  ]   ||   OCCASIONALLY  [  ]
DRIVER LICENSE ? :   YES  [ X ]   ||   NO  [  ]
EVER BEEN ARRESTED ?   NO  [ X  ]   ||   YES  [ ]   ||   ALMOST/DETAINED  [  ]

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