Taylor Johnston, Pole Jam. Mississauga 2014. I randomly came across these weird bicycle locks while skating a different spot in the area. Knowing instantly that Taylor would have something in mind for them, I snapped a photo on my phone an sent it his way. Getting real stoked on the spot Taylor drove down to the city the following day. Being the first spot of the day we got the legs warmed up with some flat ground game of skates and got right to work. After some uncontrollable and real sketchy close calls with the board, we got the perfect timing we were looking for it. Nice added bonus was the matching kit. 

Jon Cos, Backside Noseblunt. Toronto 2014. Ever since moving to Toronto three years ago I lived down the street from this rail. It was always on mind, but sadly never saw much action. A few weeks after Jon moved in up the street (You can actually see his Condo behind the electrical pole) we checked out and bono’d the spot. Not knowing what he had in mind we warmed up the next day at the local park and were off to the rail. After a couple quick board slides, the back 5050 came first try.. followed by a first try backlip and second try blacksmith… At this point I was stoked enough to pack up my gear and call it a day, but Jon had something else in mind. A couple ride ups and sketchy bunts later, Jon was locking the Bs Noseblunt almost every try. After an hour battle with the little gap out, the curb drop ride away and cops showing up at the spot, Jon rode away from it.