kazekage rescue arc

Anonymous said: i kind of want to rewatch shippuden but only the kakagai moments yknow?? so if its not much trouble could you list ur favorite ones?

HI ANON i’m so sorry, i’ve been sitting on this for ages since ive been in school and wanted to give you a proper answer..

ok since kakashi is technically a supporting character (& gai is a side character) there arent many episodes that are exclusively centered on them.. but since i’ve been collecting footage for amvs anyway, ive made a quick guide of their scenes and moments, starring my favorite ones! (it’s a dash stretcher, sorry if you’re on mobile)

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writer-w-magic  asked:

I truly believe that Sakura is the best ninja of the Generation (minus the geniuses aka Naruto, Kyuubi's Jinchuuriki, Sasuke, and Neji)

Yes I completely agree with you!!

To me? Sakura is the best ninja! Cause she literally started from rock bottom!! She had no keki genki. No dojutsu. No tailed beast. No special clan technique. She had nothing!! And that’s why seeing her development? Gives me life!!

Cause with Naruto? We knew he was going to turn out amazing because he had Kuruma and was he man character. It’s the same with Sasuke because he had to be on equal strengths with Naruto because of the stereotypical “Shonen manga Rival” cliché.

But to be honest I actually thought that among the females? Hinata was going to shine out because she had the background and the tools for it. Because Kishi did absolutely nothing with Sakura in part 1!!

She had no instructor, No special jutsu. She was deliberately cut out from most of the major happenings, and all she did was try to do something but was untimely saved. And that was just so frustrating!! Because I loved Sakura and wanted her to Shine!! And this was why when Sakura came to Tunade for teaching? I seriously doubted Kishi there.

And this is why I was so shocked and surprised when she wreaked the ground with her fight against Kakashi in part 2!!

 Naruto’s reaction:

 Kakashi’s reaction:

 I mean she looks so fucking damned smug!

 Kakashi even praised her talents!!

 Plus Naruto’s comment

 The Kazekage rescue arc shall always be my most favorite one!! Sakura healing Kankoro in a matter of seconds?

 Something not even Chiyo could do!

 Her fight with Sasori was equally amazing!! When she destroyed his puppet:

This moment:

Her courage:

More of he awesome strength:

Her selflessness:

Chiyo was so impressed!!

Even Sasori was stunned!!

After seeing all these moments? I wasn’t surprised when this happened!!

Sakura’s development was my most favorite thing to watch!

She is definitely the best ninja because she was never fated to be one but yet she still became one

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i have this friend who ships sakura and gaara. do they have scenes together? i dont know their fanbase but i know the fandom has a lot of crack ships who never even interact but they would look good together.

Mmm there are some very small moments i think. During the konoha invasion arc she jumped in front of sasuke as gaara was about to attack, which makes him remember his painful childhood and his uncle. During the rescue kazekage arc sakura tried healing gaara after they finally managed to retrieve him, but he was already dead. During the fourth shinobi world war arc as naruto was dying, gaara transported both her and naruto to minato. 

if you include filler, then the final filler arc in part 1 has a scene where gaara is injured from trying to save matsuri, and sakura has to heal him, but he tells her that he’s fine

(tbh i had to look some of these up since i could only remember two haha)

Re: SasoSaku

Hello! I’ve been an avid SasoSaku shipper for roughly 7 years now, and I’ve been asked lots on why that is the case, so I wanted to write my own stance on it. I hope this will help those who asked understand my jumbled thought process.

The disclaimers are the same as the ones on my other essay, Re: Sasori vs Sakura, albeit extended.

First off, I don’t really want to give too much credit, because Kishimoto seems to give off the impression that he doesn’t care about women, so I’m taking the interactions with a grain of salt.

Second, English is not my native language and I suck at explaining myself. My vocabulary is limited, I make typos and I tend to use phrases over and over again (please do not let this hinder you)

Third, I’m a shipper but I don’t support the romanticizing of this fight. I do not consider the anime/games canon which I will explain further down. At last, when I talk about Sakura and co, I mean their characterization up until the Kazekage Rescue Arc, and not beyond that. Sasori himself up until the moment in the war arc. All source material is from the manga.

What this essay will be about:

  • Exploring the dynamic presented in the manga, “What if”s
  • Applying that dynamic to AUs, and why I prefer to keep canon platonic
  • Crack or Canon?

What this essay won’t be about:

  • Why SasoSaku is so much better than ship xyz
  • Why people aren’t allowed to criticize SasoSaku
  • Why Sasori and Sakura are super duper heterostraight

Without further ado, enjoy your read! (RIP to mobile users)

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Kazekage Rescue Arc Feels

The Kazekage rescue arc is making me cry. Maaan when Deidara was sitting on Gaara I was having mixed emotions because I really like Deidara but I like Gaara more so I was angry and crying and omg so many feels. Dei was being very disrespectful!!! I have the long battle between Sasori, Chiyo, and Sakura ahead of me……this may take a while. Sorry Tumblr peeps! Expressing my feelings makes me feel better.