kazekage rescue arc

Hidan trying to fight during the Kazekage Arc
  • Zetsu: We have enemies approaching
  • Hidan: Can I go? I need to let off steam. (Completely reasonable and taking his partner into consideration)
  • Kisame: I wanna go because I want to enact revenge on one of them for kicking me. (Totally selfish reasoning with 5-year old logic on how to handle this kind of situation)
  • Leader: Okay Kisame gets to go.
  • *a few minutes later*
  • Zetsu: More enemies approach.
  • Hidan: Can I go this time?
  • Zetsu: They're Konoha shinobi.
  • Itachi: *shows vague amount of interest*
  • Leader: Itachi's going
  • Hidan's thoughts: ARE YOU SHITTING ME?
Kazekage Rescue Arc Feels

The Kazekage rescue arc is making me cry. Maaan when Deidara was sitting on Gaara I was having mixed emotions because I really like Deidara but I like Gaara more so I was angry and crying and omg so many feels. Dei was being very disrespectful!!! I have the long battle between Sasori, Chiyo, and Sakura ahead of me……this may take a while. Sorry Tumblr peeps! Expressing my feelings makes me feel better.