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Hello! I’m currently short on rent and car payments for upcoming months, so I’m opening commissions to help close the gap if possible. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and check out my post!
Any help in the form of reblogs or retweets on twitter are much appreciated!!

Bust shot commissions
$25 per character & simple background
These commissions are for non-commercial (private) use only.

  • Payment via PayPal
  • Full payment due before I start working
  • Must include at least 1 reference, 2+ preferred
  • OCs and official are both OK!

An extra charge may apply for the following “complex designs”:

  • armor
  • mecha
  • weapons
  • fabric patterns

The following requests are not accepted: 

  • R18
  • furries (animal ears & tails are OK)

Inquiry Format
Send inquiries to makotoffee [at] gmail [dot] com

Subject: Commission Inquiry

Name: your name
# of Characters: number
Character Name(s): name
Paypal E-mail: e-mail you use for PayPal
Details/Questions: anything you might want to mention to me about the commission beforehand

Hearte Bunny © Kaze-Hime

※Please do not repost, edit, or use any of my works. Reblog from this post only. Thank you!

Q & A (from a short interview long ago)

Q: I notice you have two rabbit-themed OCs that look kind of similar, are they related?

A: They’re not related but their designs are inspired by each other, and they both turn into rabbit plushies. Holly is my female mascot and Korokoro is my male mascot. Hearte is not a mascot but a character with her own series. However, because of her popularity, she often appears. 

Q: Is your named spelled Holly, or Hollee? I’m not sure which one to use.

A: I’m okay with either spelling; doesn’t make much of a difference. Holly is actually the name of my very first OC. Sometimes for online handles, I use my characters’ names, but this one ended up sticking with me (Kaze-Hime was also another OC). These days I tend to use Hollee more.

Q: Your handle used to be Kaze-Hime, why is it Soundlesswind now?

A: I still go by the former. Or rather, I’m still stuck with the former. Soundless Wind is better explained as my website name…or I suppose, a world name to group all my characters together. It’s based on the image of a spinning galaxy, in space where it is too distant to hear any gust sound.

Q: When did you start drawing? What inspired you to draw?

A: When I was very young, I really liked Sailor Moon. I thought she was super pretty and I wanted to connect with the show somehow, so I drew. Because the series ran for some time, I ended up drawing a lot. The adults around me thought I had a natural aptitude for it, so they let me continue.

Q: How did you get into Digital Art?

A: I’ve had a computer since forever, so I often drew on MS Paint and made short videos in my spare time (which I had a lot of). I then started making web layouts, and seeing my interest in it, my brother gave me Photoshop 6. Eventually I ran into Hiromi-chan’s Sugar Caramel Box site and found out about CG artwork. I was astonished that someone so young could be so talented. It was a world I hadn’t known about before. — Afterwards I researched and learned from a tutorial site called Polykarbon and started colouring my pencil scans with a mouse (2003/4). During this period I became friends with Zeiva, and her detailed style fired me up, so I tried really hard. — Sometime after I joined DeviantArt, my brother bought me a tablet for my birthday, and though it took me a long time to get use to it, I eventually became very comfortable with drawing in a new manner. I’ve always liked tinkering with software, so the practice of digital art was extremely interesting to me. 

Q: How did you develop your really detailed style?

A: Hmm…I don’t think I particularly aspired to be very detailed at first, but I was definitely trying to learn more and more techniques. At some point in time, my friend told me that my drawings were pretty messy up close, so I treated it as a challenge and became more attentive to detail…and one thing lead to another. Style isn’t something one should force, I feel. Just let it happen.

Q: You probably get a lot of messages, do you manage to answer them all?

A: Unless I’m doing a meme, I pick a few random or most recent ones every now and then to answer. In truth, nope, I’m quite overwhelmed… I try to read as many as I can though, and I’m always very happy to receive new asks. My inbox is always flooded though, so I might not get back to someone for a very long time.

Since I’ve been getting a lot of notifications regarding usage matters, I’m writing this now to clarify.

Firstly, I’m speaking on behalf of myself, and no one else. My rules don’t apply to anyone else. Every artists has their own preference as to how they want to limit usage of their art, so please politely abide on a case-by-case basis; thanks.

Do Not:

  • Repost my artwork to art websites such as DeviantArt, Pixiv, etc
  • Impersonate me using my artwork.
  • Modify my artwork without permission or remove my watermark.
  • Manufacture, redistribute or sell my artwork in any way or form.
  • Misuse, slander, or publicly endorse anything offensive with my art.
  • Use in any way shape or form artwork I’ve specifically stated not to use.

You May:

  • Repost my artwork to your blogs, collections, personal websites, Twitter, etc…with credit, or credit intact.
  • Redraw, reference, or practice with my artwork/lineart…and may publish them non-commercially with credit or credit intact.
  • Modify my artwork (after you get my permission) for icons, graphics, personal usage, etc…with credit or credit intact.
  • After you receive permission, use my artwork for personal projects or public promotions, such as club flyers, homework, research, etc…so long as you are not in anyway shape or form selling the artwork (directly or indirectly), and will credit the usage or leave credit intact.


  • Toranoana and Crypton Media Co. (Hatsune Miku) are currently the only external shops permitted to sell merchandise with my artwork.

Please feel free to shoot me questions if you’re unsure but the basic gist is: never sell my artwork and always credit. Naturally, be considerate and I’ll never care what you otherwise do with my art. 

Dragon Essence - Tian Zhao

— “You see, you only get to live once. Making the best of it is my motto of life!”

Tian Zhao - 天照

 means sky, also a word that is usually associated with gods/heaven. 照 means shine/shining. (Fun fact, the goddess of Sun, Amaterasu from Shinto shares the same kanji. I did it on purpose since I know Kaze-Hime is a huge fan of Okami. :d)

The other main character of Dragon Essence - unlike my other Otome Games, Dragon Essence is a story about Chi An and Tian Zhao, so regardless of which path you choose, their relationship will remain as the main focus, because without them, there’s no plot so to speak. ^^; (I’ll just put it here as a disclaimer so people don’t stone me because other characters don’t get as much screen time ;;;)

At the first glance, Tian Zhao’s personality is the polar opposite of Chi An, he is free-spirited, carefree, and basically does things whatever he wants. He also represents the suppressed desire.Chi An has which she couldn’t have due to society/upbringing,

To pursue Tian Zhao, you need to choose freedom over responsibility.


Dragon Essence, before and after. I did some minor tweaking to the overall color schemes, fixed the backgrounds and added some textures. I also made Tian Zhao’s face more visible, so you can see his expressions more clearly. Not so obvious changes, but it’s there. XD;;;

This game has been ongoing since 2011. I have to admit lots of the game assets are outdated. I tried my best to improvise it every time I work on the project, but I can’t always keep doing it, or the game will never get completed. So this is likely the final touch up, as I’m preparing to finish the game before the end of this year.

In case some of you are wondering why Dragon Essence takes way longer than any of my other games despite its relatively short playtime (probably around X-note size), it’s because this game is a collaboration with Holly/Kaze-Hime. Unlike us, game making isn’t her full time job. This is more like a fun/passion project of two friends working together. She has her own job, that’s why there’s a lot of delays between the project.

But we are making sure that the game is going to be as awesome as we can make it! Please look forward to it! (And hope we can really finish it for real this time! XD;;;)

Game Update

Haven’t done this in a while. I get very lazy to do update when there isn’t any good news to talk about.

- Dragon Essence -

First thing first, the bad news… You guys probably have guessed it. Once again, the game is put on back burner because the game artworks are severely behind the schedule. The artist Kaze-hime/Holly has hand injury/problem that impedes her drawing speed.

So honestly at this point, I have given up figuring out when the game will be out. The game writing and programming are very close to finish, but honestly speaking, it’s hard to be enthusiastic when I myself don’t even know when I can get the arts. For now, I have decided to wait and see. I don’t want to use the last resort, which is drawing the rest of the arts on my own (cause it will make the game arts inconsistent), but I might have to if it comes down to that.

- Anicon - Cat’s Path -

So, well, now that the bad news is out of the way, I’m currently moving on to work on Anicon - Cat’s Path. I’m almost done with the introduction (which will be the game demo)

The game system is very similar to Voices from the Sea. Instead of 7 days, you get 12 months to pursue the cat boy. The screenshot above is Clena’s room. The content of the room will change depending on the character’s path. In this one, there are a bunch of Genetic Glow cameos. X3

There is a bit of exploration, but on a smaller scale than Area-X. You can collect puzzle pieces when you clean the places. Collecting them will unlock bonus contents (similar to Voices from the Sea). Otherwise, it doesn’t affect the main story. It’s just a little side distraction to add some replay value.

- Other Stuff -

I mentioned a bit of Train of Pastlife before, and I have thoughts of making that one first before Silent-X, because I’m actually rather scared of making that one now. Let’s just say, I haven’t learned my lesson… the game idea got a bit out of hand, so it might become a lot larger than anticipated. If it really turns out that large, I might once again repeat OASE and Area-X mistake. Orz I have a bad habit of always wanting to improve things on sequel, but not realizing that doing so will squeeze me dry. Orz

So, right now I just want to focus on finishing smaller games, for the sake of my sanity and livelihood. I already have a relatively solid idea on Train of Pastlife. It would likely please people who enjoy my ultra dark and super complex storyline Xd

That’s it for the game update. Sorry, there aren’t much happy news cause I know so many are anticipating both Dragon Essence and Silent-X. lllOrz

Game Update~ #3

I hope that “coming soon” is really soon, lol. XD;;;

Anyway, I was hoping I could finish Dragon Essence quickly, but it turned out the main artist Kaze-Hime got a job from Japan, so her priority has shifted to that. Without her, I can’t continue the game, and I have no idea how soon I will get something from her. lllorz

Since Area-X has been greenlit, I decided to work on V2 instead. And from the look of it, this will be the largest V2 upgrade of all my games. Lots of new images (shown above), side stories, extra stuff, and a few tie-in to Silent-X.

As usual, the upgrade to V2 is free, and you will get a free steam key along with it~

As for Silent-X, I’m still in the middle of pre-production, so don’t expect the game to be out any time soon (we haven’t even started lol). This will be the last of Otome-X, so I want to do a proper send off to this trilogy.

A few stuff in regards of Silent-X, it’s NOT a sequel to X-note. Silent-X follows the continuity of Area-X Sky Path, so it is “sorta” a sequel to Area-X. However, it is set in a distant future, meaning, the story has barely any connection to the other two games. So, if you have never played the other Otome-X games, you can still pick up Silent-X and enjoy it as a standalone.

There will be however, many references and a few tie-in to the previous games, and you will see many many familiar faces. :D

Last but not least, to save you all from conspiracy theories, the heroine of Silent-X is 100% unrelated to Essi or Elcia. lol XD;;;