Do you know which music festival fits your style?

From Coachella to the Electric Daisy Carnival, R29 bestie Joana Avillez puts pen to paper and illustrates the typical attendee of some of the most iconic music festivals around. Click through to see ‘em all — which are you going to be this summer?



VoCE’ features the Shades of Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad of MTV’s The Hills fame seems to be all-American sweetheart who has amazing fashion sense.  She definitely rocks the California Girl look no matter what hair color she wears.

L.C.’s Mane Color Man?  Celebrity colorist Kaz Amor, owner of Warren Tricomi Salon in Los Angeles and VOCE’ HAIRCARE Creator.  Kaz is known for his creation of soft, natural lifestyle colors.  Kaz had his big break in the world of hair color when he was named Color Director for Sebastian and got to travel the world doing what he really loves to do – hair color.


VoCE’s Hair-Tale:  The Real Rapunzel

Once upon a time…..

Nicknamed “Rapunzel” by her schoolmates, Natasha has not cut her hair – which at 5 feet, 2 inches long was only one inch shorter than her petite frame – since she was a baby. And while Natasha currently sleeps in a tiny, windowless room, she got R$9,000 (about £3,000) from selling the hair for extensions which she has put towards a new home for her family.

…..And they all lived happy ever after.



VoCE’ DIY Find:  2 Fishtails Make 1

So, have you become an expert in fishtail braiding? This may look complicated but w/ a little patience….  It’s two fishtail french braids that you bring together to look like one side braid.  Here’s how:

1. Part your hair however you’d like (side part, middle part…) The finished look is a side braid that will be laying on your shoulders so pick a side you’d like that braid to be on and part a section of hair that is a small quadrant of hair in front of your ears. See photo 4 for an example of the section.

2. French fishtail braid that small section until you can’t add hair anymore and then regularly fishtail braid it until you reach the ends.

 * how to french fishtail braid: with a regular fishtail, you take a small sliver of hair from one section and incorporate it into the other, always having 2 large sections of hair. When you french fishtail, instead of taking the small slivers from the braid you’re creating, your small slivers are going to be the hair you’re adding into the braid.

3. Tie off the small braid you just created (should be about one-fourth of all your hair) and start the other one that will go around the back of your head. 4. Now you’re going to french fishtail braid the other side, starting at the top of your head and working your way around the back until you end up underneath your first braid. When you’re done adding hair into the braid, finish it by doing a regular fishtail.

5. Pull it apart from the sides so it has more texture and thickness.

6. Using a small but strong bobbi pin wrap the smaller braid around the bigger one to blend them together. Weave the small bobbi into both braids to connect them while hiding the pin.

7. Hold a cute puppy and you’re set!

Thanks SheLetsHerHairDown for the share.

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