Kazama's "romance" in Hakuouki

I think a lot of us short-change his “route” because of our expectations made by the other routes. We expect a fully developed romance, but when we go into Kazama’s route with this expectation, we feel short changed.

The problem is we’re misreading his route. This route isn’t a route, it’s a beginning. It’s when Kazama starts to realize that this woman before him is more than just something to entertain him. And he’s curious.

He wants to know more. He wants to explore this and see where it goes. His own thoughts in the memories DLC express this, where he states she’s “never boring.”

Another thing is we don’t know Kazama like we know the Shinsengumi. Kazama was mostly a side character or a plot device for the others’ routes, being forced in every route to bend a certain way despite that not being his personality. I honestly feel like his route and the normal route is the real Kazama Chikage. Not the one controlled by the writers like a puppet to make the routes different, but the character he was supposed to be.

So yeah, his romance in his route actually makes far more sense when you look at it as a beginning.

It’s a start, not an end.

3 Interesting facts about Voltage Inc. you might not know

Voltage Inc. is a Japanese multinational corporation headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The company is best known for its ability to make girls swoon regardless of their nationality and age. It is arguably the market leader of english otome game industry. Here is some facts about Voltage Inc. that you might not know.

1. Voltage Inc. generates a whooping $86 Million in revenue last year

This is no surprise, since they have about 26 million users world wide and dominate the top chart of app-store in entertainment category (especially in Japan and Singapore). Can you guess which app makes the most money? Its the all time favorite, ‘My forged wedding’. Last year, $8.5 Million revenue is generated solely from English language games. So that’s about 2 million main/sub stories are downloaded last year.

2. You can buy their share

Voltage Inc is a publicly held company, which means its ownership is dispersed among the general public in share of stock which are freely traded on a stock exchange. So are you pissed at Eisuke’s english voice actor? Sad that your favorite game haven’t been updated for months? Or mad because HLITF apps keep crashing?! Fret not! Save up $46 Million, buy all of their stocks, attend their annual shareholders meeting and fire the upper management who responsible for all of those.

3. This company is led by a married couple?!

We all know that our beloved Yuzi Tsutani (51) founded Voltage Incorporation in 1999, now he serves as its CEO and chairperson. But not a lot of people knows that Nanako Higashi/Tsutani (45), Vice Chairperson and co-founder of voltage inc, is actually his spouse. In an interview, he stated that he’s not really into romance stuff. He typically make the structure of the games. While his wife gets the ideas and takes care of the romantic details, so they work together to make the game that way. Aww instant ship!

Some pretty cool fact about Yuzi Tsutani :

  • He graduated from The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Engineering in 1985. But because of his passion he also studied voluntarily at University of California, Los Angeles, School of Theater, Professional Program: Screenwriting and Producing in 1993. If you’re interested in his movie creation you can check his youtube channel here. Its a pretty weird short film though.

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