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💌 no 21.A long text from chikage to chizuru (thank you)

The story SO FAR:

Chizuru, frustrated with the Shunmingsimi captains (and Hijikata-san), has managed to down a saucer of sake, send a loving text to Kazama expressing her annoyance with the group-of-ronin-with-a-long-and-hard-to-text-name, send a drunk text to Sen (asking what to do because of text #1), and send a concerned text to Kazama that was actually intended for Sen.

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DISCLAIMER:  The author takes no responsibility for the vagaries (or indeed the existence) of Toku-Mob “The Official Teleservice Provider” of the late Edo period.   👘⚔️

DISCLAIMER TWO:  Any resemblance between iOniSystems and the name of an existing operating system is unintentional and–ah heck, who am I kidding? Besides, if Apple notices this post then that’s AWESOME.  😉

Part IV: Return of the Oni

If had been over two years since Kazama had first seen the long-lost Yukimura Heir.  His original interest in her had been unfeigned, but not personal.  Since then, however, she had by turns angered him, defied him, resisted him and ultimately intrigued him.  Although his confidence had never wavered, Shiranui’s jeering after one of their encounters with the girl and  her self-appointed, self-righteous and undoubtedly self-serving guardians, had troubled him enough that he had spent considerable time attending to other matters before his thoughts had turned again to the young woman who–he was quite certain–would one day be his wife.

And then, out of the blue, he had received a very strange text, purportedly from Chizuru, speaking of affection for him and (reading very carefully between the lines) disgust for the human males with whom she had demanded to stay.  He had been trying to compose a suitable response ever since (at least, ever since he had gone through Shiranui’s sent items to ensure that the original text wasn’t just a prank).

A second text, asking in plaintive tones why he hadn’t written back, convinced him to curtail his response so that he could begin his journey back to Kyoto at once in order to rescue Chizuru from the grasp of her drunken companions.  Kazama read over his text–well, it would be a series of texts, thanks to the character limit prescribed by iOS–and deemed it acceptable.

My dear wife, it troubles me to hear that you are in such distress.  Far be it from me to say that I told you that remaining with human scum would eventually lead to unpleasant consequences; however, I must point out that you would never have had to spend such an unpleasant evening had you accepted your place at my side from the start.  I do not intend to reproach you for your unkindness, or for your lack of appreciation–not to mention gratitude–but I am  very pleased that you have finally seen for yourself that the so-called Wolves of Mibu are nothing more than drunken, ill-behaved louts with little to recommend them and no qualities of consequence, especially when compared to (continued next text)

a pureblood Oni such as myself.  I assure you that, unlike some, I will always have the courage to speak my mind and, in particular to let you know that I desire you at my side.  I trust that you will be a more compliant and agreeable companion now that you know that I only want the best for you. Once my duty to Satsuma is done, I will gladly make wedding arrangements for us.  In the meantime, I will at least remove you from the company of those whom you rightly stigmatize as cowards.  I am indeed very loyal to the idea of marrying you, dear Chizuru. 🎎  

I will be with you as soon as possible.  Please await my arrival with every confidence in the felicity of your life to be. 

Most sincerely, Kazama Chikage

Barely pausing to press “send”, the blond Oni swept out of his room, his features set and his movements purposeful.  He was presently somewhat south of Kyoto, but an Oni of his abilities could be in the capital in a relatively short time.

“Amagiri!” he called.  “I am leaving for Kyoto immediately!”

“Yes, Kazama-sama.”

With his usual near-miraculous efficiency, Amagiri was indeed already prepared for a short stay in the capital.  Mind you, Kazama had been forced to show him the initial text in order to gain his help in tracking down Shiranui.

“I received a second text, Amagiri,” he told the bigger man as he donned his favourite haori.

“Indeed,” murmured Amagiri, unsurprised.  “Then I take it that we will not be going to Kyoto after all.”

“What?  No!!”  Kazama smirked at his doubting vassal.  “No, Amagiri, it is not what you think.  Chizuru sent me a second text wondering why I hadn’t responded and begging for my advice and assistance.”

Amagiri looked puzzled, but he bowed obediently.  Without a backward glance, Kazama  left to pursue his destiny.

“Strange are the ways of love and fate,” commented Amagiri, hurrying along behind Kazama.  “But stranger yet are the ways of Tokugawa Mobile and iOni Systems.”

THE END (for now)

Author’s Note:  Thank you to the Anon or Anons who sent me the requests forming this series of drabbles/ficlets/bizarre children of my overactive imagination.  Thank you also to @very-x-vice​.   I am capable of writing serious pieces… just not at this moment, it seems.  😉

I hope that you and others have enjoyed the result nonetheless.    😅

To those still waiting on requests:  I am working on my various projects in order (more or less), so please be patient with me.  Arigatou gozaimasu!

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(For your married-headcanons: )Kazama, truth or truth, does Sen ever use your name with -chan? If she doesn't, do you (super-secretly) wish she did?

“Absolutely not,” growls Kazama. “My wife refers to me as ‘Kazama-san’, or sometimes just ‘Kazama’ if she is displeased with me—which is often.” He pauses thoughtfully, and the merest hint of a flush creeps across his cheeks, so surreptitiously he himself seems not to notice. “The most informal name by which Sen ever addresses me is ‘Chikage-san’,” he continues eventually, “and only then if she’s feeling particularly insolent… or if her inhibitions are especially low. Any use of ‘chan’ on either of our parts is unheard of.”


As I’ve expanded my sphere of butai knowledge, I’ve seen five productions containing Matsuda Ryo. Each time, I’ve marveled at his ability to portray such different characters so uniquely. I had been going to create a comparison gifset, but I quickly realized that in order to carry across the nuance he brings to each role, I’d have to clip scenes directly. Ryo-san literally changes the entire way he moves per character, not to mention he’s a left-handed actor playing mostly right-handed roles. (And is talented enough in those roles that some understandably believe him ambidextrous.)

…I own none of these, by the way, in case it needs to be said. If I owned these, I’d probably remember the exact dates and all the character names, you know? Not to mention I’d have stitched them together in anything except the actual clumsiest of ways…

This is part of the Otome spring gift exchange 2017 - @otomegifts

This gift is for otome-musings, I hope you like it dear. I felt like doing Kazama because I don’t think I’ve ever actually drawn Kazama before ha ha ha. Hakuouki is one of my absolute favourite otome games… and well there is a lot of drama / sexual tension (depending on if you play Kazama’s route that is). I thought this would be a great fit with the theme we spoke of. I do hope you like it! ;3

I also was re-listening to Kazama Hen - Hakuouki musical while drawing this. It just made me more anxious for Harada’s route to come out. >_<


Suzuki Shogo’s final moments as Kazama Chikage in Hakumyu LIVE 2.

Inspired by @asondebaka‘s post.