I caught myself staring at a box of fruity pebbles that had shaq on the front wondering like do kids these days even KNOW shaq like they don’t appreciate him they didn’t live through most of his career they didn’t own kazaam on vhs and then I hated myself bc I truly am a buzzfeed 90s child

Trying to find the right words to start this and express all the emotions stored away, kept captive by my iPhone 5 key board. Late night; can’t sleep to many thoughts rushing through my head should’ve copped some weed to prevent this horrible anxious feeling. Self medicating with a tumblr timeline full of people I will never meet and pictures of places and things I probable won’t ever do. What a life huh a slight slip into the Internet & KAZAAM your Gone for hours I’m captive to my cell phone. No wonder it’s hard to get inspired.

The Ten Worst Movies of All-Time

Here is my list of the Ten Worst Moview of All-Time

1. Master of Disguise (2002) – A Dana Carvey Flop. His character was called “Pistachio Disguisey” That pretty much sums it up right there. And what the Hell was Adam Sandler thinking of? He was the executive Producer of the movie. For a guy who is supposed to have a great sense of comedy, he was way off base on this one.

2. Daddy Day Camp (2007) – See my review on this blog: http://steveboss.blogspot.com/2009/08/new-feature-movie-reviews-by-boss.html

3. Kazaam (1996) – Shaquile O'Neal as a Genie!!! I lasted about 30 minutes through this film and then decided I would rather walk to the grocery store in a thunderstorm than watch the rest.

4. Hobgoblins (1988) – I would bunch the top 4 together as a tie for number one. They all sucked!!! I can’t believe they made a sequel to this 20 years later. I think this is definitely the “Stupidest Movie of all-time”

5. Barb Wire (1996) – I think I only saw this one because Pam Anderson was in it. Terrible movie!! I rented it and I think I actually fell asleep during it. That says alot about an action movie.

6. The Postman (1997) – Kevin Costner was coming off of the flop “Waterworld” (See #9 on the list) and he rebounds with this?? This cemented my belief that Costner is a good actor, but a terrible judge of scripts.

7. Just for Kicks (2003) – As a soccer coach, I am ashamed. This was a terrible movie.
The stupid and rude humor is ridiculous. How many 8 and 9 year olds speak like this all of the time? What is up with the “cheerleading” aunt who can’t seem to find anything but skimpy clothes to wear? That is appropriate. It really is no surprise that Tom Arnold stars in this. This is a typical Tom Movie. I am glad I saw some of this before showing this one to my kids.

8. Howard the Duck (1986) – Unfortunately, I went to see this one in the theater. I think the only reason I went was because Lea Thompson was in it and I had a little crush on her at the time. What a waste. Two of the four of us actually left the theater before it was done. I stayed through the whole painful movie, but my view of Lea changed forever!!!

9. Waterworld (1995)– The second Kevin Costner Film on this list. He is the only actor to make it here twice. What was Waterworld you ask? Here is my take on this movie:
– Take Mel Gibson’s “Road Warrior” and add a ton of wate
– Replace Mel Gibson with Kevin Costner
– Instead of having a helicopter, use a balloon
This is essentially a re-make of “The Road Warrior” and a poor remake at that. Perhaps the most expensive film on this list.

10. Catwoman (2004) – It wasn’t even close to the comic book character. Catwoman had superpowers in the movie but she never had powers in the comic book. Halle Berry even went to the Razzies to accept the worst actress award (after having just won the best actress Oscar for Monster’s Ball) and said this at the ceremony:

“First of all, I want to thank Warner Brothers. Thank you for putting me in a piece of shit,
god-awful movie … It was just what my career needed.” Halle Berry @ 2007 Razzie Awards.
At least she had a sense of humor about it.

Note – I have not yet seen Gigli, a movie that many people consider the worst ever. If I ever see it, I am fairly sure I will have to ammend this list.

Three Years
  • favorite color … red and green
  • favorite toy … baseball and tee
  • favorite tv show … wally kazaam  and paw patrol
  • favorite fruit … blueberries (still)
  • favorite outfit … basketball jersey
  • favorite game … any sport
  • favorite snack … cereal and chips
  • favorite animal … chickens and goats
  • favorite song … the elephant song (willoughby wallaby)
  • favorite book … Piggie and Gerald
  • best friend … mom and dad
  • favorite drink … water
  • favorite cereal … fruit loops
  • favorite holiday … your birthday
  • favorite breakfast food … green waffles
  • things you take to bed … blanket and buddies
  • favorite thing to do outside … play baseball
  • favorite dinner … fish or pizza

You are such an amazing kiddo with a huge heart.  You are always thinking of others.  So concerned about your ‘sissy’ staying safe and looking out for her.  I hope you never lose this. 

Not to mention tough.  You got your first set of stitches.  Two - right on the top of your forehead.  It scared mom and dad so bad but you were so tough.  You only cried when it first happened and didn’t even squirm or tense up when the doctor was giving them to you.  I was a proud, proud mama that day. 

Thankful for you each and everyday love.  You are our world.  Love you Oliver Patrick. xo

The place Are They Now: the Forged of Shaq’s genie-tastic ‘Kazaam’

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