kaz kaz kaz

Recently I’ve been trying my hand at embroidery. This one’s for everyone’s favorite Fjerdan, Matty 🌷

Thanksgiving with the Crows

Kaz: master orchestrater of the meal. Plans the whole thing to the minute. Started cooking three days ago and started planning on Halloween.

Inej: only person Kaz allows to help him in the kitchen. Makes a bomb ass apple pie. Definitely did not steal all the ingredients for the meal out of Merchs’ houses. Goes onto the roof with Kaz in the evening to watch the sunset and escape the noise.

Jesper: best storyteller at the dinner table. Gets rip roaring drunk after dessert. Is the life of the party. Does wildly exaggerated reenactments of the years’ best heists.

Wylan: Has spent all week decorating the entire slat until it looks like an autumn explosion. So happy for thanksgiving with people he loves. Spends the whole day smiling uncontrollably. Has brought gifts for everyone. Makes absolutely sure his fool of a boyfriend gets home safely.

Matthias: Eats everything. No need to worry about having too many leftovers. Is absent for a few hours in the afternoon when he goes on a long run. Brings his and Nina’s new puppy.

Nina: eats even more than Matthias. Inej‘s pies are her favorite food after waffles. Takes a very long nap with Matthias right after desert. Sets up the annual high-stakes mariokart tournament, in which Kaz is not allowed to participate.


Kuwei: not exactly invited, but there anyway. Keeps to himself and spends all afternoon drawing in a corner.

Colm: everyone’s favorite person. Wants to know everything about how everyone is doing. During dinner tells hilariously embarrassing stories about jesper as a kid. Thankful for all of them being alive and well.

If all the dregs were Grisha
  • Kaz would be a Heartrender. He would render the living (or dying in his case) hell out of people. Ketterdam would fear him. The entirety of SoC would have never ensued because Kaz Brekker killed every inhabitant of the barrel. Thank god they don’t give powers to people this morally depraved.
  • Inej as a Tailor. Oh god. Imagine the best spy in the world. Now imagine she could change her face. Mothers would probably tell her children the horror stories for centuries to come. 
  • Wylan as an Inferni would be cute I guess. Especially in competition with Kuwei. Also a fun concept: Burning down everything that Jan van Eck loves (all his money) because he deserves it.
  • Matthias as a Tidemaker would be so sad because imagine a Fjerdan born with Grisha powers that goes on to become a Drüskelle and learn that his powers are wrong so he hides them from everybody but then Nina comes along and helps him accept himself and… whops, he’s dead, but it’s even more depressing now.