kaz amor

oh and another thing: i do know the plot twist and general outline of the mgsv story but we only just finished chapter 1 ourselves. so maybe i’ll get an explanation for this BUT tbh im not counting on it since well. we don’t get a lot of questions answered in this game

so anyway here’s the thing

why doesn’t bb want kaz around to build outer heaven??
playing mgsv, all i can think is how well kaz would’ve fit there. since the real bb’s becoming more of a bunghole and is generally becoming more or less amoral, wouldn’t kaz’ ‘fight fire with fire’ attitude fit right in? (nukes and all) mmmh im not sure how to say this but in general, if we’re talking about ocelot vs kaz for a second, kaz is the one that‘s building diamond dogs. he’s the second-in-command, he’s the one running DD as a business and he’s also the one that builds up (or, uh, uses? exaggerates?) snake’s reputation.
i’m baffled bc kaz and bb seem to agree on so many things. even the fact that both of them are fine with brutality and all that but want to make sure them kids are okay. I MEAN COME ON. EVEN THAT.

and i’m not saying ocelot is useless. since he wasn’t involved with MSF he can keep his cool when it comes to all things Cipher, plus he’s great at manipulating people (in a different way than kaz). he also knows a fuckton of shit about everything bc he’s been there done that all around the world’s organizations. not to mention, he’s still got all his limbs and seems to make for a good instructor lmao
by all means, having both of them around is a great idea

why would bb abandon his most trusted guy, who was evidently born for managing a private army, whom he actually worked with on building said army, but keep the guy he met in russia 20 years ago whose loyalties are, for all he knows, all over the place?
man i really hope this’ll get explained somehow bc the thought process here is not clear to me lmao