Umm, just my contribution to the mini-fandom that has sprung up around Kazliin’s ‘Rivals’ series, which is quite honestly one of the best fanfictions I’ve read in a long time. This takes place during UMFB&MHA chap. 14, or OBS&BH chap. 9. Thank you so much, Kaz, for writing such an amazing story!

Just a note, black-and-white/sepia-toned clips are meant to be flashbacks. The first set are from Yuuri’s stay in Russia at Viktor’s apartment, the second set are from the doping scandal, and the last set are from the scene in UMFB&MHB chap. 14 where Yuuri and Viktor finally kiss and make up (literally)! Also, the scene after Yuuri’s free skate is meant to represent The Talk, and how they discuss everything and in the end, they come out understanding each other a bit more than they did before.

Here are links to Kaz’s stories, for those who are interested:

Until My Feet Bleed & My Heart Aches
Of Bright Stars & Burning Hearts

I know the video is not the greatest, and that the vids that others in this fandom are probably better. Ignore the subtitles - I didn’t know how to remove them, and the eng. subbed version is all I have access to right now. And ignore some of the inaccurate clips - had to play around a bit to get the video to flow the way I wanted.


The group picture I promised I'ld do in return for 100 souls, back in February, is done! And because I got so sick of it, I drew another (the top image is the new one), so double group picture! It’s not that I don’t like it anymore, it’s more along the lines of, I can see so many mistakes and things I would do differently now.

It was really fun drawing them all together, and maybe I’ll draw more group pictures in the future, I guess this has shown that I am capable of doing it at least. Although it may be apparent which characters I play favourites with, I love them all, but Nina and Inej are my girls I love them, they deserve to eat all the waffles they want.

“Tell her to get out, a voice inside him demanded. Beg her to stay.”

Dear miss Bardugo! Crooked Kingdom was all I wanted in the past year, I was literally obsessed with it! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this duology; both books are so fantastic, I simply have no words to describe. Thank you for all these amazing characters, and especially for Kaz and Inej. I don’t think that I will be over these books any time soon.


I animated a gun that shoots Revolver Ocelots.


Kaz: I’ve got good news

Inej: You’ve decided to ditch your sinful life of swindling and slaughtering and have decided to become an overall better person in life?

Kaz: I said good news, not a fucking miracle

  • kaz brekker: *is 17* breaks into a high security prison, is the leader of the dregs, has earned the nickname dirtyhands, completely ruined pekka rollins's life and also van eck's, so good at picking locks and sleight of hand that he is called demon by matthias,
  • me: *is also 17* relies on my parents to order for me at restaurants, pushes on doors that say pull, can't talk to strangers on the phone, cries when someone raises their voice, sometimes can't do simple addition,