kaywinnet frye


The role of ‘favourite Firefly character’ is on pretty heavy rotation for me, but I don’t believe Kaylee haa been in that role before. I was so blind. I realised on my most recent rewatch that she is The Best.

She is gentle, cheerful, kind and above all vulnerable, but the show (and the actor) never mistake these characteristics for weakness. It recognises them as strengths. Kaylee’s not afraid of being attacked or betrayed because, although those things hurt, her self-worth is never on the line.

She is human and flawed and as subject to embarrassment and shame as any person, but she works hard not to be ashamed of who she is or what she feels. She is bravely open hearted. She is giddy over Simon and though a little shy about it is never ashamed of her crush. She opts to soften into the feeling, opting for the scary course of feeling what she feels and letting it show. It makes her vulnerable to pain, and she does get hurt for it. But it also opens her up to possibility and love. And when Simon (being a buffoon) inadvertantly offends her she doesn’t hesitate to call him on it and get angry. She might be a little in awe of his slick, educated air, and she might long to be with him, but that never trumps her sense of self-worth and her expectation of respect of who she is and the choices she makes.

On a ship of stone-cold badasses and suave operators, Kaylee is the bravest of all for facing the world without armour. She knows she is vulnerable, scared, flawed - and she softens into that and lets the world show her what it’s got.