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Congrats on the Countershot thing! It looks really interesting and I'm excited to follow it. (Plus the logo and the blog look great. Love the convenient update schedule thing at the top!)

Thank you! I’m so thrilled that people are as excited by the idea as we all are. We’re trying out a few things we’ve seen done before, and a few things we haven’t, and I have high hopes that it’s going to grow into something really positive for all of us. 

I mean we collected 64 followers on our first day, which is insane. All of our readers are amazing. :,D

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It’s mostly they black out con dates for that kind of stuff. Like if you try to use the employee rate code on those days it’ll say there’s no rooms available at that rate (employee rate is about $35 a night plus tax at it’s lowest, fyi).

what the shit that’s the dumbest thing ever what is the point of that what difference does it make omfg they could just raise the rate a little bit if they’re that pissed about it wow gosh