Commision of Kaytiff by the talented Whinecraft.

Now it may be an odd thing to do, commisioning an art piece of someone you’ve never met ingame before, but I find that this one is justified.

I’ve been in the game since the initial beta’s, and I was anticipating to do a lot of roleplaying. I saw the Guild Wars 2 Roleplayers site set up, I saw people making their characters, placing their descriptions on the site. While I never really got into the roleplaying scene, I always followed the Asura character descriptions. There were a lot of good ones amongst the profiles posted, but none really jumped out like this little fellow. It may sound odd, but when I occasionally needed some inspiration of my own (I may not engage in RP with my characters, but they’re all with their own background and personality) I took a gander at Kaytiff’s page.

I dunno, we don’t need excuses to have a good artist draw neat looking Asura, now do we?

kaizure asked:

“Oh goodness little one!” Truu said with a  loud gasp as she rushed to the passed out asura-splice.  She’s  check him over for any injuries and then roll him to his side if it where safe to do. Any injuries would be healed either magically  or through mundane means. “Kitten can you hear me? Everything will be  just fine.” the small augment speaks trying to get his attention.  

Worry is apparent  on her features but she stays calm, only moving him to medbay when it is safe to do so.

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Kaytiff goes running into Moxi's bar on all fours with a big, dumb smile on his face. As he gets half-way into the room, he trips over his own coat and falls forward, rolling against the ground and eventually smashing into the bar, causing the glassware on the counter to jump slightly. Now upside-down with his back against the bar, he whines softly from the impact.

Moxi was totally prepared to greet Kaytiff with an excited chirp. She was totally not prepared for him to wipe out and disappear on the other side of the bar. Knitting her brows, she sets down the clean glass in hand and scoots around to check on the Catsura. “You alright there, puddin’?”

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Interaction with Kaytiff has sadly been pretty limited :s. Both of your characters seem to be best known by Navv though, so that’d be..

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Kw_way3BPU For Korri, i think. Navv’s found a surprising friend in her, the person he initially percieved to be somewhat distant quickly turning out to be someone he can happily smile at in the aftermath of everything they’ve been through.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3tHXjF6SVQ Not yet being privy to the existance of Kitten, Navv’s experiencewith Kaytiff has been all over the place, leading me to deem this quite fitting. 

kaizure asked:

7. "I'll share the blankets with you."

She had locked herself out of her home. It was raining and miserable. And somehow, she happened upon Kaytiff. The heart-speckled Catsura had dragged her back to where he was staying at for the night, just to keep her out of the rain. He gave her a change of clothes and dumped her wet uniform in the sink basin to let them dry. Sort of.

But there they sat, after. Kaytiff was perched on the bed in his usual fashion. Squat with his palms flat between his feet, and Moxi on the floor, still shivering. “I’ll share the blankets with you.” Kaytiff nodnodded his head, before moving around to start shoving the blankets off of the bed and right atop Moxi. The bartender let out an odd sound, trying to pull the mass off of herself.

The next thing she knew, Kaytiff had tugged the blankets and pillows around to make a nest around her, and had tucked himself right to her side, offering up that gentle purr she grew to adore. Blinking a time or two, Moxi gave a soft little sigh. Her arm wrapped around Kaytiff and hugged him close, before she pulled the blankets up. At least she was warming up, now.

“Thank you, sweetspecks.”

mixologistmoxi asked:

Another one, eh? All right. xD

A new day dawned over the great city of Divinity’s Reach, the warm rays of sunshine gently brushing along the faces of the many citizens sleeping the night away, curled up in the warm beds, some with their significant others.

As the city began to awaken, the noise in the streets gradually became louder. Merchants went about loading their stalls with produce and product, signs being hung and prices being set. Yes indeed, the city was ready for another profitable day from tourists and locals alike.

Like many business owners, Moxi would no doubt be preparing her bar for opening later in the day. Chairs needed to be set up, glasses cleaned, the bar washed… there was much to do to prepare for the opening. Despite the bar being closed, however, a familiar set of feet can be heard pitter-pattering around upon the wooden floors. Before Moxi has a chance to inform Kaytiff that the bar is closed, she would feel a pair of hands suddenly wrap around her waist as the short Asura gently hugs her, purring softly as he does so.

42. Warm Hug.

mixologistmoxi asked:

Perhaps it was the warm Spring air after a cold and harsh Winter, or maybe it was the fine weather they had been having. Maybe it was the sudden desire to be outside more often, or hell, one could theorize that the spring is bringing out the sweeter side in people. Regardless of the conclusion you come to, something most unusual would happen that day in Moxi’s bar.

On all fours, the cat-like Asura, Kaytiff, came running through the front door, right under the legs of those who were on their way out. The bar was packed with all kinds of patrons requesting seasonal beverages to rejoice in the coming of spring and the departure of winter. Two small, white, heart-dotted hands would grip the counter and a light grunting could be heard as the little Asura pulled himself up and onto the counter. He sits there on all fours, his hands pressing down onto the counter between his legs, while his legs stretch out to his left and right. His tail wags softly and he smiles sweetly, with his little tooth sticking out over his upper lip.

As Moxi comes by to offer him a beverage, he shakes his head and seemingly chirps like a song bird. He closes his eyes and leans in to suddenly give Moxi a light kiss on the cheek. After doing so, he leans back, blushing lightly and maintaining that sweet smile of his. Some of the patrons seem stunned by this action, their gaze shifting from their friends towards the duo of Asura, curious if this was going to erupt into a bar fight; anxious it would turn into a bar fight. Kaytiff is none the wiser, however; his tail just continues to softly wag from side to side as he graces Moxi with that gentle, loving smile of his.

20. Gentle Peck

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Honestly, she should have seen it coming. Who else would think to drop a tortishell kitten in her lap, but Kaytiff.

Going stock still, the bartender stared down and lifted her arms. “Do… do I pet it…?” She had no idea what to do with the kitten. The Catsura was one thing. An actual kitten? Foreign ground for Moxi. Eventually she gave in, patting the mewling bundle of fur atop the head.

mixologistmoxi asked:


Kaytiff blinks as Moxi suddenly plops a kitten down in his lap. He tilts his head down at the tiny thing, then lifts it up with both hands. It sniffs him lightly and he does so in return, then it licks his nose and he mimics this behavior as well.

Before long, Kaytiff finds himself sitting side by side to the kitten and they are copying one another with their different movements. All the while, he maintains a goofy smile on his face and bright, curious eyes. Eventually, Kaytiff lays down and the kitten crawls onto his head. The two of them curl up and begin napping, purring softly.

There’s a handful of people who want to meet my new catsura Kaytiff, but can’t because they’re on the US side - not EU. As a result, I decided to use my alt account to go ahead and make Kaytiff on there too.

My account is Prowler.8140 and the character name is “Catsura Kaytiff”, for anyone who’s interested.

Now I should also note: for anyone who does not like the idea of an Asura who is also half cat, then simply don’t role play with me. The reason I left the US side to begin with is because there were so many closed-minded individuals… so if you’re one of the few who actually wants to RP with me, hit me up; I’m just not going to waste my energy trying to tell people on the US side that I can RP whatever I want.

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11. an eskimo kiss

She never could really place it what it was about Kaytiff. He stuck out like a sore thumb. And he behaved like no Asura that Moxi knew. But still, she adored him. He was always so curious and so sweet. So, she kept visiting.

After a lengthy absence, she meandered her way back into the Cube, wandering around to find her fluffy little friend. When she spotted him, she smiled bright, so very bright, and snuck up. Her arms wrapped around Kaytiff, and her head turned to rub noses with him.

“Hey, fluffles.”

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blue lace agate:my muse's favorite form of communication (verbal, letters, texting, etc.)

Since I’ve been branching out again and I RP on two separate games atm, I’ll go ahead and respond with both of my mains from each:

(GW2) Kaytiff:

Kaytiff employs two forms of communication, which are verbal and physical. Verbally, Kaytiff loves to talk to people and get to know them. Physically, Kaytiff has found that he really enjoys being pet and so he tries to pet other people to see if they like it just as much. He’s also prone to licking people he really likes, as friends or otherwise. It’s completely innocent, though.

(SL) Wri-Gon:

Wri-Gon prefers face to face meetings so they can size people up and figure out if they’re worth doing business with. They also talk money, so if you have something that interests them or vice versa, conversations will begin.