Commision of Kaytiff by the talented Whinecraft.

Now it may be an odd thing to do, commisioning an art piece of someone you’ve never met ingame before, but I find that this one is justified.

I’ve been in the game since the initial beta’s, and I was anticipating to do a lot of roleplaying. I saw the Guild Wars 2 Roleplayers site set up, I saw people making their characters, placing their descriptions on the site. While I never really got into the roleplaying scene, I always followed the Asura character descriptions. There were a lot of good ones amongst the profiles posted, but none really jumped out like this little fellow. It may sound odd, but when I occasionally needed some inspiration of my own (I may not engage in RP with my characters, but they’re all with their own background and personality) I took a gander at Kaytiff’s page.

I dunno, we don’t need excuses to have a good artist draw neat looking Asura, now do we?

minnasthings asked:

Relationship Asks! 1, 13, 22, 29 for Kaytiff, 1 for each of Lebo and Drakhast, and 17 for all 3! (Choosing the characters I know best here!)


1) ♥ Do they seek out love or let it find them? Are they even interested in romance?

Kaytiff is more of the ‘let love find them’ type. Kaytiff would like to be loved by someone, but he believes he isn’t good enough for anybody because he is always in danger. He believes he will just break someone’s heart because he’s always going off into battle to protect others and putting his life on the line, and that kind of strain on someone’s heart when they’re worried about someone? It’s a pain he doesn’t want to inflict on another.

So yes, while Kaytiff would like to have love someday, he believes he’s not worth it.

13) ♥ Do they sleep in the same bed/room as much as they can or do they sleep separately?

Kaytiff would most likely sleep in the same bed and room as the person he is in love with, assuming they would let him.

17) ♥ What sort of characteristics or quirks draw them to someone?

Kaytiff is a sucker for cute people. People who are shy, people who like to hug, and people who struggle to speak when they’re nervous or embarrassed. He doesn’t much care for aggressiveness or brutality, despite his combat experience; he very much prefers people who are more gentle.

22) ♥ Tell us about a sacrifice they made for their significant other.

Kaytiff has never been in love, so he has never made a sacrifice in that manner. He has, however, sacrificed any chance of having a hobby so he can dedicate his life to protecting others.

29) ♥ How do they express their love to their partner?

Very poorly. Kaytiff has never opened himself up to the option because, as stated above, he does not believe he is worth it. As a result, he might tell someone in secret that he thinks someone is cute or attractive, but he would never tell that person himself; someone else would have to say it for him (which would cause Kaytiff to blush so bright, he could be used to navigate ships at sea).


1) ♥ Do they seek out love or let it find them? Are they even interested in romance?

Lebo lets love find him. Lebo is more open to relationships than Kaytiff, but he won’t ever confess his love towards someone unless he feels a deep connection. Lebo has had his heart broken so badly that it is literally the cause of the curse he has right now (yes he’s cursed), so opening himself up to others is a bit of a challenge when romance is involved. He’s always afraid he’ll be betrayed again.

17) ♥ What sort of characteristics or quirks draw them to someone?

Lebo’s feelings towards love is different than most Asura. Because he is blind, he believes that love is not something that is generated from physical characteristics; meaning you could be a Charr, Human, Sylvari, etc. and be in love with him, because once the spirit moves on, the spirit can take any form it wants… so in the end, how you look now doesn’t make a difference. It’s who you are that attracts him to you or frightens him off.

Personality-wise, Lebo really likes people who are calm, nice, sweet, kind, compassionate, generous, etc. He loves it when people donate to charity or, in general, help others without seeking a reward.


1) ♥ Do they seek out love or let it find them? Are they even interested in romance?

Drakhast is not interested in romance. Drakhast is one of my few asexual and aromantic characters.

17) ♥ What sort of characteristics or quirks draw them to someone?

Drakhast is a big fan of bravery, honor, self sacrifice and commitment. He is naturally drawn towards those who have a fighting spirit.

This does not mean he will seek out a relationship with them… it simply means he can relate to them the most, so he enjoys talking to them.

minnasthings asked:

From the Character Questions meme- 12: Your character has the opportunity to have one wish granted. Would the wish only benefit them, someone else (one person or multiple), or everyone? And what would that wish be? 28: When your character was younger, how did they picture themselves growing up? Does it differ from how they really turned out? 62: What’s something that really repulses them? 86: Do they have anything that they consider a good luck charm?

As no character was specified, I will be answering for Kaytiff since he’s my main.

12) What would they wish for and who would it benefit?

For the benefit of his sister, himself and anyone who associates with his sister, he would wish for no harm to ever come to her ever again - even if it meant she forgot who he was. He holds her very dear to his heart, as she’s the only family he has.

28) When Kaytiff was younger, how did they picture themselves growing up and does it differ from how they turned out?

Sorta kinda. Kaytiff wanted to join the Seraph when he was a progeny growing up in Divinity’s Reach, but since they only accepted Humans into the Seraph, Kaytiff instead went to join the Vigil. The key difference is that the Vigil fights on all fronts of Tyria, while the Seraph stay within Kryta. Kaytiff still wishes he could become an honorary Seraph some day, but his duties to the Vigil come first.

62) What’s something that really repulses them?

Kaytiff absolutely cannot stand greed. Greed is what drives most people to commit the most heinous of atrocities, and it usually involves harming others. Anyone who is willing to harm or kill another for their own selfish desires will immediately be on Kaytiff’s bad side, and repeated offenses will lead to his belief that said greedy individual will need to be put down.

86) Do they have anything they consider a good luck charm?

Anything that is given to them by friends or family, primarily small trinkets, necklaces, rings, badges, etc. Anything he can carry around with him and, when things get their darkest, he can take out said trinkets and remind himself why he fights; so that he can protect those he holds most dear.