Commision of Kaytiff by the talented Whinecraft.

Now it may be an odd thing to do, commisioning an art piece of someone you’ve never met ingame before, but I find that this one is justified.

I’ve been in the game since the initial beta’s, and I was anticipating to do a lot of roleplaying. I saw the Guild Wars 2 Roleplayers site set up, I saw people making their characters, placing their descriptions on the site. While I never really got into the roleplaying scene, I always followed the Asura character descriptions. There were a lot of good ones amongst the profiles posted, but none really jumped out like this little fellow. It may sound odd, but when I occasionally needed some inspiration of my own (I may not engage in RP with my characters, but they’re all with their own background and personality) I took a gander at Kaytiff’s page.

I dunno, we don’t need excuses to have a good artist draw neat looking Asura, now do we?

Just hung out some yesterday chatting with Brrix and Kaytiff and friends. You just don’t know how much it helps to have people to talk to until you start feeling really lonely. You guys helped me so much. Thank you. <3