DOWNLOAD VIDEO: KayStar - ZoneOut Sessions [S01 EP17] On FreemeTV

DOWNLOAD VIDEO: KayStar – ZoneOut Sessions [S01 EP17] On FreemeTV

Here we are on week 17 on your darling ZoneOut Sessions and we bring you Kaystar a young aspiring talent unsigned at the moment. Check him out

FreemeTV ZoneOut Session is an opportunity for talented artistes to enjoy more exposure in the music industry.


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Kauser Birthday Cypher – Lewisham Grime (Video)

Courtesy of Chiba Visuals….shouts to South East London.

I'm new!!!

Hi everybody (:

so let me introduce myself! as u all know my name is Kathy but please call me Kaystar!

everybody calls me that, since i was born under the stars! LOL but i actually really love stars

i love anything pink (:

i love makeup! & really good at it

i love anything fashionable and gyaru fashion!

im short & viet! viet pride ma viet bitches!!!<3

im from tdot aka Toronto Canada!

im new on tumblr but i did started one before but i didnt use it & totally forgot about my psw so i made a new one LMAO (:

my pics on the left is me with blonde hair but now i have black hair….i just really miss my blonde so much. if u scroll down u can see more pictures of me!

im single!

& love to party!!!!!!!<3

follow me please and ask me anything!!!!! i love meeting new ppl!

i dont have facebook anymore since i get bored using it and i get fakers sometimes so please beware! this is my only social network account!

i do have youtube & twiter & formspring but its useless now so i will be using tumblr more often!

thanks for reading!!! (: