[strums guitar] don’t be afraid to come off anon! [plays pretty chord] I love you all! [starts strumming faster] I won’t be creeped out! [strums into oblivion] or annoyed!!

no but seriously imagine that some day the phone rings and cecil answers it and it’s some woman he’s never met before and being the friendly person he is he has a small chat with her before she asks to speak to carlos and cecil’s like “of course, can i ask who’s calling?” and she says that she’s carlos’ mom, and she asks who cecil is and he just casually says, “oh, i’m his boyfriend” or something and she freaks out and demands that carlos be put on the phone NOW and (slightly terrified) cecil obliges and after the phone call is over cecil walks over to carlos like “did i do something wrong?” and carlos is like “no, she loves you, actually.  she was angry that i hadn’t told her i was dating such a sweet boy.  she wants to have brunch on sunday.”

I need a PruHun AU with a scene that mimics the song “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?” from The Lion King with Francis and Antonio as Timon and Pumba like,

Francis: I can see what’s happening…

Antonio: What?

Francis: …And they don’t have a clue!

Antonio: Who?!

Francis: They’ll fall in love, and here’s the bottom line; our trio’s down to two!

Antonio: Oh.

can we talk about motherfucking cecilos for a moment, here?

carlos came to night vale to observe.  to work.  nothing more.  he probably didn’t intend to stay for much more than a year, maybe two.  but then met cecil.  cecil, this wonderful voice on the air that constantly praised him and complimented him and listened to his scientific findings (even if he didn’t quite understand them).  this person who comforted him after he was attacked by the little underground people, and who he fell in love with.  carlos never intended to call night vale home, but then he met cecil, and in cecil he found his home.

that person you really like and want to be friends with on tumblr and you try so hard to get them to notice you and sometimes you feel like you’re making progress but deep down you know they’ll never like you as much as you like them so part of you feels like giving up but a small stupid bit of you keeps hoping and it’s basically just a “one step forward two steps back” process

okay but imagine alfred buying himself and natalia matching ugly christmas sweaters and nat is just like “alfred wtf are these?” and al’s all excited like “matching sweaters!  i figured we could wear them to christmas brunch at matt’s!"  and nat’s just like "yeah no fuck that.” and al’s kinda disappointed, but he drops the subject.  however, on christmas morning he wakes up to find nat making the food for them to take to the brunch while wearing the sweater he bought her, and she just hugs him and mutters “merry christmas, you idiot.”