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[shameless repost for the weekday crowd]


This was waaay too much fun, help how does anyone draw these two without just laying down on the floor and giving up from adorable overload, just this alone destroyed me


Yurio disapproves, he does not understand the appeal of this aesthetic (clearly the 90s are where it’s at), he’s ashamed and you should be ashamed, what the hell are you even wearing, god you’re so old

Woooo, finished~ :D  Oh Clint, what a special guy.  I love that I get to do stuff like this as commissions.

I won’t lie, I’m a little more proud of how this turned out than it probably actually merits, and I’ll doubtless see plenty of things to tweak (it’s done in copic, but photoshop is a magical thing ohyes) about three minutes after I post it, but hey, such is the way of tumblr. |D

I’ll have prints of this next weekend at Yama-con in Pigeon Forge, TN, and thereafter at other cons.  Let me know if anybody wants me to put it up on Etsy too~~

Arha looked down at her with a dark steady gaze. She did not understand. She felt that she had never seen Penthe before, never looked at her and seen her, round and full of life and juice as one of her golden apples, beautiful to see.

- Ursula K. LeGuin, The Tombs of Atuan

My contribution to Ladies of Literature Vol. 2. Totally forgot that I’d never posted it here in full!  One of my very favorite scenes, from early on in the book.


Saint Guinefort.

Whew, finally done!

The amount of time I spent way too last night just on post-processing the sections of scanned gold leaf alone is ABSURD.  The angle the scanner light hits it at pretty much does horrifying things to it.  So, photos to show how pretty it is in person!

Graphite, watercolor, colored pencil, and 23K gold leaf on Strathmore illustration board.  Please fullview!  The auto-resize the tumblr dashboard does kinda kills it.

Hi everyone!  Heading down to Atlanta today to get set up for AWA this weekend!  Come see me at table 924!  I have tons of new stuff, new products (stickers, tote bags, zipper pouches, even some physical original paintings and drawings), and I’m discontinuing OVER HALF my portfolio of prints, so if there’s anything you’ve had an eye on, come grab it before it’s gone forever!

Also!  If you’ve seen me before at cons in the last bunch of years, you probably remember my (in)famous tip jar (Gojyo from Saiyuki, yes I’m old, shhh) – he doesn’t make me a ton of tips, usually enough to pay for dinner one of the nights of con, but this weekend he has a more noble purpose: every dollar Gojyo makes is going to help Puerto Rico, and I’ll be matching whatever he makes out of my own pocket to double the amount, which I’ll donate after con.  I have a good friend on the island who can tell me which charities are actually helping, so I’ll know where to send it.  Even if you don’t buy anything, please come throw in a dollar or two!

Probably hardly anyone will see this!  I always post at bad times of the day, whoops.

Anyway, as anyone who knows me might have predicted, I couldn’t resist drawing T’challa - I really like not-desired-but-not-shirked leader/king narratives, men who are allowed to cry and have compassion, and pretty pretty eyelashes, what can I say. I’m so glad I managed to finish this - scraping in juuuuuuust in time to get some prints of it made for Animazement this weekend.  Look for me there, at table C06!  I’ll post a proper announcement and map later. :D

I keep forgetting to post this!  It’s been finished for a while.  More oils practice, featuring Kurt Wagner / Nightcrawler.  I loved how adorable baby!Kurt was in X-Men: Evolution, and definitely went with that sort of young vibe for him here, albeit in a different costume.  Mixin’ things up~~

10x14 inches.  Original is available if anyone is interested.

(Why is he swinging from a rope?  I was thinking of pirate Kurt from the comics, and ship rigging came to mind.  Just go with it, okay. XD)