kaypeeisms asked:

Oh no defs not the incest. I just see you as being fiercely independent and You'd look great in her dresses. Although the Starks do get fab armour, even if they are a bit hipster. I do also agree with your BA, You'd hold the Tarth name well!

Ahh, you’re such a cutie KP- thank you! I actually love Daenerys’s outfits the most, beautiful floaty dresses and leather bound warrior  wear is definitely my jam. Just throw some armour in there and I’ll topple over with joy. 

kaypeeisms asked:

Definitely a Targaryen. You could most certainly be a dragon queen. FIRE AND BLOOD. Failing that you'd make a superb Stark.

Aww thank you! I mean, aside from all the marrying-brother-and-sister stuff (and the pyromania!) I could be on board with being a Dany-type Taragaryen.

I think I’d make a pretty good Stark too though, I’m ALL ABOUT fierce coats and leather (and, you know, honour)